Wednesday, October 13, 2010

planet mary overload!

Are ya'll ready for this?

I haven't blogged in what may seem like an eternity ;)

life. It just takes up so much time these days!

I am going to do this in bullets and just type till I have nothing left in this little mind!


weight loose.

I am down 33 lbs. Well technically 32 lbs this am, but I did see an all time low of 33 lbs Sunday morning. Why does the scale do this to us? It really is cruel! Of course I immediately get on the phone call my momma, my sister, my grad parents, wake my husband up shouting the news that I now officially weigh less than him, run to church and just about greet everyone at the door with my new weight loss wake up the next day and the scale say, just joking you really have only lost 31 lbs. Since then I have at least managed to get the scale to read 32 lbs down. It only takes a minor adjustment of tilting the scale diagonally to the wall and weighing on it while standing sideways ;) Don't ask! I figure it this way, when I weighed 310 lbs no matter how I stood on the scale it would have never flashed 277 lbs. So, even if I have to stand on it sideways, I'll still claim it ;)

first fill.

hmmmmmm......what comes to mind when I think about my first fill that I just got on the 4th? Oh, I know!!!! Wow, that really hurt! I think I was so worried about the surgery part of this process that I didn't even listen, or maybe no one told me, how bad this little fill would hurt. I was not expecting it at all!!!! I was really in shock! Here is how it went, just in case there is anybody out there just doing research or waiting to be approved! They made me lay on a table and pull my dress up. They came in with a little sonar machine and found my port. It was taking a little long, at least in my mind it was, so I said, "It is in there, right?" The nurse kind of laughed and said, "Yes, it is. It is right here." She marked it with a pen. She left. I was thinking ok cool. Not too bad so far. Then came in another lady. The lady who assisted in my surgery. Not sure what her title is but, I know she is important. She came in and asked me some questions. Nothing major.....can you eat chicken, can you eat fish, can you eat this and that, how much can you eat, how often do you stay full? All of those kinds of questions. Next thing I know she says she is ready to give me the fill, lie back down. And then BAM. No warning, no numbing, BAM. She like literally jabbed me with the biggest needle I have ever seen in my life. She had no mercy. She hit the port first try. I just want to go on record saying this, "fills hurt." Don't let anyone lie to you and tell you they don't! They are manageable, but it is pain! She then tells me to sit up. I say, "like right now, with the needle in me?" Yes, ladies that is exactly what she meant. So I sit up. She says I need to drink water. I should also point out at this point I still have my eyes closed and have not opened them yet!!! While trying to get the water from her, with my eyes closed, I spilt the water on me and her :) I finally drink and everything feels fine! I eventually opened my eyes ;) I layed back down and she took the massive needle out of my stomach! sigh. I ended up with 4cc's. Not too shabby for a first fill. They normally give 5 cc's, but since I had lost a good amount of weight and was having ear trouble (a different post for a different day) 4 cc's was all I got.


Clothes these days are a funny subject. Nothing seems to fit right. My 24's are officially baggy, but not out of control too big yet. I have 1 pair of 22 jeans. They fit now :) But, I also feel like maybe they are a pinch too tight. It might just be me? Maybe I am used to my clothes being a bit to big now? I am also having a hard time in telling what size I really am in. All my clothes are really old. Like the 22 jeans I have, they are at least I know 4 years old. So clothes = craziness.

progress pics.

I have got to get some updated pics on here! Ya'll haven't seen me since surgery, that was 30 lbs ago! Promise to make that happen soon!

Kim @ Good Bye Fatty McButter Pants

She is so sweet! Are all of ya'll following her too? Her birthday was yesterday! Happy late birthday Kim! I got to catch up with her the day I got my fill. She came and picked me up at the hospital and we went to lunch and did a little shopping! Awesome time. We are meeting up again this weekend! Maybe I can get some pics that day! We are going to the Alabama Football game this weekend together. It will be a great day for some photos because I have some pics of me last year at an Alabama Football game! Yay!

O.K. I think that about covers all the basics! Really my mind is just like blah and I can't think anymore!



amandakiska said...

Sorry your fill was painfull. Mine are always really easy. Maybe a bit unsetteling sitting up with the big needle.

Now you need to POST MORE! I think about you ALL the time. You used to post often before your surgery, but now we hardly hear from you.

Yeah for the 31 or 32 lbs. You are rocking it!

Debbie said...

Congrats on the weight loss and 30 something pounds is amazing. I am looking forward to your pictures. Hey also POST MORE...

Jenny said...

I love Kim!

Your progress is awesome! You are doing so well!!!

Maria said...

Oh my gosh, your fill story was horrifying! Mine are nothing like that -- even when I got unfilled at 33 weeks preggo!

Congrats on the 30lbs!

Maria said...

My first fill was very painfull. My dr said it was because there is a lot of scar tissue that has built up, so he kept poking around to find the port. Now I am on my 4th fill and none after the that have been painful. Good luck and are doing Awesome!

Kim said...

So sorry, I am catching up on blogs. Thank you for the shout out sweet lady!! I am so glad we are friends and I cannot wait until Saturday!!

Michelle said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!
Getting the fills for me doesn't hurt the part that sucks is the 2 days after the fill my port area always seem to be extra tender.

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