Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beautiful Day....

I'm still here!
Just busy as ever and trying to enjoy this wonderful summer!

I'm still FAT!!!! :)

I'm still waiting to get banded! :(

On the band front everything as going wxactley as planned!

I have my 6th Dr.'s appointment on Thursday!

I have my sleep study July 14th.

I have my support group meeting on July 17th.

I have my finally Dr.'s appointment August 2, my BIRTHDAY!!!!

Then from there I will have 1 nutrionist appointment and my pre-op appointment......

then Mary will finally be banded! Pheeeeewwwwwwwwwww

It fills like I have been on this JOURNEY forever!

Good news on a personal point I will be leaving for Disney World on Saturday! Yay for me! Everything is just about ready and I am really so excited!

I want to thank all my readers......seriously ther is 99 of them!!! Why do ya'll follow me???? I never update!!! :) Just joking I really appreaciate all of ya'll!!! You all have helped me so much in this process! Thanks!

Oh, I have been visted vy some fairies!!! Not just any fairies.....banded fairies!!!! Thanks to those special ladies who have sent me clothes!!! Oh, and a special thanks to Kim, she sent me Disney World maps! TOO sweet!!!!

So, anyway, I AM STILL HERE!!!

Don't forget about me!0
Oh.....and I would really love 100 followers ;)

Monday, June 7, 2010


I have a "new" favorite show that I have been watching!!!!
Billy the Exterminator
Does anyone else watch this hilarious show??????
Here is a picture of Billy....

It's not a great picture, let me see if I can find another one......

Ok, here is one of him and his brother Rickie.....

I just love this show!!!!! It comes on AE if your are interested in watching.

This show goes along perfectly with my weekend....

I come home Friday evening after work to find my dog, baby Samson / 8 month old Boxer, not feeling so well.

I came home as usual and went to the kennel to get Samson out. Samson is kennel trained and stays in an inside big metal kennel during the day while I am gone to work, and I let him out right away and he has free run of the house and yard. Well, I knew when he came out of the kennel he looked weird. Then I took a second look, and it looked like he had swelled something bigger than a grapefruit and half of his face was swollen also. I panicked!!! I leave in a small little town and the vet's office closes at 5. There is no emergency vet here the closest one is like at least one hour away. I picked up the phone and called the vet, it was like 4:45 and begged them to stay open for me.....they did thank God!!! I just jerked him up, threw him in the car, and rushed him to vet. When we got to the vet they took one look at him and said he had been bitten by a SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness! He was inside the HOUSE!!!!!! Here is some pictures of Samson.....

Poor baby!!!

Thank God he is doing fine now! I am leaving work early today to go get him! He had to stay all weekend long at the vet's office so they could watch him and keep an eye on his swelling.

So, now onto the mystery of where Samson got bite at!!!!! Every morning about 6 am I get up and let the dogs outside. I did that on Friday morning also. They stayed outside till about 7:30ish then Samson went straight to his kennel and Ellie Mae (4 year old Boxer) went back outside to play all day. Ellie Mae is terrified of rain. Everytime when it rains she tries to get underneath the house. It has been raining here non stop and she and Samson have been going up underneath the house all week. I am pretty sure they were underneath the house on Friday morning also. So, maybe he did get bite while he was outside. Needless to say I tore my house up this weekend looking for a snake. I didn't find anyhting :( I have gone through closets, moved furniture, you name it. But, what are the chances of me finding this snake. They can get anywhere......

I am really worried!

The vet bill from this snake bit is costing me $289.65 I did not have.

We can't afford another vet bill!!!!!!

If anyone has any tips, I would love to know them!!!!!!

Then, on top of all of this I got super sick Saturday night. I hadn't eaten much that day because of all of the snake hunting going on. I had eaten some sandwiches aound 3 pm. At 10:30 pm I was making some corn casserole for church and decided to eat some because I was starving. At 12 pm I woke up so sick!!!!! I was shaking, like when you are so cold and can not be warmed up. I was freezing!!!! It took me like 2 hours to get over it!!!! I am hypoglaucemic, so I am wondering if it was my sugar?????? I finally went to sleep and woke up a couple hours later having an acid reflux ATTACK!!!!! Seriously!!!! I was hurting so bad!!!!!!

Thank God, I am all better today, just a little tired!!!

I had quit a weekend didn't I??????

Friday, June 4, 2010


Motivation is something I desperately need.

These are some areas in my life I am slacking at....


Duh, do I even have to get into this one????? I have lost not 1 lb in the past SEVERAL months. I am basically unmotivated to do anything weight related. I just eat basically whatever I want
:( Pretty bad when you think about it! I have a gym membership that I pay like over $40 a month for and haven't used it in MONTHS......Guys that is just pure laziness!!!!! I contribute my lack of laziness to having to endure 7 months of HELL while waiting to be able to wait for my insurance company to approve me for this surgery I want to have....... :( That is my main excuse at this point...I don't have any weight motivation NOW because I am having to do all this WAITING and it is very DISCOURAGING.....sounds ok, right???? Let's just hope I will actually have SOME motivation when I actually do have this surgery :)


I basically have no motivation at work either. I really have a lot of things I need to get accomplished EVERY day, but I just can not get any energy to do anything, except shop at Old Navy online, snoop on Face Book, read all the juicy gossip on Perez Hilton - TMZ - and X17Online!!!! Get my drift!!!!!!!


I have been such a SLACKER!!! I still read / keep up with every ones blogs, just don't comment, or make any posts!!!!!!! Honest aren't I?????? I have got to be better!!!! I really do enjoy blogging it really makes me feel better about myself, and that I am not in this alone!!!!! I will try to do better this month! PROMISE :)


I have really not been doing what I need to in Mary Kay. I so needed to get on the ball and sell some products for my upcoming VACATION!!!! I have sold some things, which is how I bought those clothes, but not anywhere where I needed to be in sales. I am going to make some calls tonight and hopefully set up some facials for next weekend!!!!!! If anyone needs anything let me know!!!!! You can email me at :)

That's pretty much all I have for today :)

I really don't have that much planned for the weekend, so that will be a nice change. My weekends are normally jammed packed!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Clothes I have been Buying for Disney World!!!!

This is a post of some of the clothes I have bought to go to Disney World in!!!!!! They are not for the Sisterhood......sorry ladies!!!! :) Tell me what ya'll think!!!!
PS: I have no idea why my text is looking weird, maybe it will not show up like that when I actually post it????? Smiles ladies and boys!!!! It's Friday!

OK.....I know there is like a rule somewhere that says fat girls shouldn't wear rompers and stripes, but I don't really like rules anyways!!!! I haven't tried this on yet, but I am keeping my fingers crossed it will look ok. It has pockets, which I just love!!!! It is from Old Navy - Plus size honey :) - 2x!!!! I'll let ya'll know how it works out :)

UPDATE******* Should always stick to the rule of "fat girls should not wear rompers" :) This looked really actually horrible! Nothing flattering at all! It is already packaged up and on it's way back to Old Navy!

This dress is actually really cute and cheap! I think I paid like $19.00 for it! It is really low cut, but will be perfect for vacation! When I wear it to work I just wear a tank underneath it!!! It is from Old Navy - Regular size girls :) - XXL

Once again breaking the fat girls shouldn't wear stripes rule!!!! Love this dress - love the $$$$ even better $14.99!!!! It is also from Old Navy - Regular size girls - XXL :)

I bought these shorts from Old Navy in a size 24 and guess what.....they were too tight! Huge blow to my self :( I had to send them back :( They were really too tight!!!!! The next picture is what I replaced them with....

I bought these shorts instead of the blue jean ones. I had to call and order these because I was exchanging them for the other ones and had already thrown away my return packing slip. I had decided to order my next pair of shorts in a bigger size. I refused to say the size over the phone. When the lady asked me what size I wanted I said a 2 and a 6. At first she didn't get it, but when I told her it sounded better to say it that way she understood! I am really glad I got these in a bigger size!!! They fit great! I also just ordered them in white :)

Love this.....Old Navy - Regular girls size - XXL

I thought this was cute - Old Navy - Regular girl size - XXL

I am actually wearing this today!!! It is so cool and feels great - Old Navy - Regular girl size - XXL

I bought this for the 4th of July!!!!! Old Navy - Regular girl size - XXL

OK!!!!! I hope ya'll weren't too bored by my post all about me and what I will be wearing to Disney!!!!!!! I might try to post a little better post this afternoon! It feels good to be back! name is Mary :)

I know, I know.....I have been gone for way too long this time! I need a spanking! :)
No great excuses just a busy life in general!
I was talking to Amy @ and she said she missed my blog! Sweet isn't she!! She is also sending me some clothes!!!!!!!! I just love her! :)

I have really just been busy with everything!

I promise to start doing better! :)

On the weight loss front I am doing awesome I have lost 0 lbs!!!!!!!! Cool huh! Just joking...about it being awesome, I really have lost not one single lb :( Sad I know! I just have had to come to terms with the fact that I can just not loose weight on my own. It just doesn't happen for me :( I really don't know what to do about it, other thank just sit back and wait and pray really hard that when I do finally get this tool inside me I will succeed. Kinda depressing :( I need encouragement :) Maybe ya'll could help me with this.....hint hint ;) !!!

On the life front everything is going great just bust great! I am not sure if ya'll remember but my husband Anthony had hurt his foot while dancing at church the last time I posted! Well, praise God everything is fine! The first ortho we saw was here in Jasper was not really that good

:( Of course he wanted to do surgery like he does with every patient he sees :) Get my drift!!! Surgery was not in our vocabulary for a lot of reasons! So we went to see an ankle specialist in Birmingham at the Andrews clinic!!!!! Awesome experience! Guess what he said everything was fine :) Oh, and Eli Manning was in there the day we were! Pretty cool huh!!!!!!

On the Mary needs a vacation front everything is moving right along! Disney is less than a month away! Since I haven't managed to loose any weight :( I have just come to the terms that I am going to be doing Disney as a BIG GIRL!!!! But you know what, I am a hottie and you better believe that I am going to rock it big and beautiful style! :) I'll just have to squeeze in the rides!!!!! :) I have been doing a little shopping for my is some things I have bought!

Ok blogger is being weird and will not let up my upload my pictures :(

I'll try to post them later!!!

Now, ya'll get to leaving encouraging comments! :)

Thanks in advance! :)

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