Tuesday, October 26, 2010

two faced.

So, this weekend I was at one of my favorite stores of all times. A store that I could just stay in for hours looking at everything in there! This store is called Sephora. My favorite! I have been dreaming about an eye shadow collection from one of my favorite make up companies called Two Faced. Like seriously I am OBSESSED with this brand. Like you have no idea. I am literally in love! So, anyway. Ant was with me. I know I have been talking about this eye shadow box for weeks that I wanted to him. I am so bad about really wanting something but when it comes down to buying I don't want to spend that much money on myself! I had walked over to check out the Urban Decay's eye liners when I saw him at the check out. He had bought it for me. The exact one I wanted without me even showing him the exact one I wanted. I am so in love with him! Let me just tell you that this eye shadow totally did NOT let me down. I love makeup and have tons and have tried tons of brands. This is the best. So pigmented, smooth, no creasing, stays on forever, perfect, perfect, perfect. I got the Natural eye set. The most perfect beautiful colors ever!!!!! I could just go on and on! Here is some pics! I was so excited!!!!

Sometimes it's the small things that make us the most excited!

Thank you Ant! I love you! :)

I have decided that from now on I will reward myself for my weight loss with things that make me feel good about myself......like makeup! I have a hard time with not rewarding myself with food, because that is how I was awarded growing up. So, I think THIS is the perfect thing!

Toodles Poodles


amandakiska said...

Enjoy your reward and your hubby!

Bonnie said...

Your hubby is a keeper.

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