Thursday, May 13, 2010

I need some clothes help......

Hi guys!

I have thought it was Friday all day today!

Man, I hate it when I do that!!!!

I need some plus size shorts and cute dresses to wear on my vacation.......

Any good websites besides Old Navy????

Thanks ya'll!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"No we don't have any kids.........Oh it's ok, you don't have to be sorry."

This is my response to a conversation I have very often with random people.

It goes something like this....

random person: Do you and your husband have children?

me: No, we sure don't. Not yet, at least.

random person: Oh my goodness I am so sorry....

me: Oh, you don't have to be sorry it is fine, we just haven't had children yet.

random person: Well, how old are you?

me: Ummmmmm, I'm about 27ish

random person: OH, how long have you been married?

me: Almost 4 years.....

random person: Wow, ya'll haven't had any children yet, you better get started times a ticking.

It is always worse near Mother's Day. Mother's Day was the day Ant hurt his foot. EVERYWHERE we went that day someone would ask me if I was a Mother and then this WHOLE conversation would be started. It goes pretty much the same EVERY time. Sometimes I get tired of it. I mean I do know how old I am, and I do realize we do not have children yet!

The reason we do not have children yet is because....... well I guess there are a lot of reasons



I have not been diagnosed with this but I think I might have Tocophobia. Has any one ever heard of it? It is the scardness (not sure if that is a word but I hate saying the word "fear") of being pregnant. I am not really scared of having babies so I am not sure if I would technically be considered in the tocophobia group. I just get really nervous about anything medically and that includes child birthing! :) I have always just thought adoption would be a better method. I know there are some people out there that get weirded out about a baby actually living in them and all that, but that is not where my scardness is. I would just be nervous about the whole actual birth and nastiness like blood.....ewwwwwwwwwwwww! I know I am a big ol chicken :) You don't have to tell me! I get nervous when I get a paper cut! Anyway this isn't something I can't get past, but it is something I think about.


My weight has always played a huge part in why we didn't have babies. I look back now and we should have just done it right when we got married! I think back to why we didn't then and there was lots of reasons. We had just gotten married for one. I wanted to weight until I had lost some more weight. I should have just went for it, because let's face there is lots of things I have accomplished since we married but loosing weight has never made the list :) Every time I go to the Dr., the lady station Dr. I get the same can't have a baby now you weigh way too much. The last time I was at the Dr. she told me I had to loose at least 40ish pounds before I should even try. Now it would probably around 50ish :) I have always been so scared to get pregnant because of my weight. Really one of the main reasons for me wanting this surgery is I do want children! I try to act like it doesn't bother me, but it does. Here in the deep south if you aren't married and at least popped out 2 kids by the time your 25 they consider you WEIRD!!!!!

Now that I have analysed this blog really there are only two big reasons MY WEIGHT and MYSELF.


Sometimes I wonder if I sabotage my weight loss myself because I know if I am fat I can't have a baby? That was really even hard for me to type. I do wonder that sometimes though. I really do want babies so bad. I hope once I loose the weight for good I will be so excited I will just go for it! I am so excited about getting this surgery! I think it is going to be the best thing in the world for me! I think it is going to help me get over some stuff and help me grow as a person! By this time next year ever thing is going to be different! Hey, I might even be pregnant.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!

Life = Busy = Crazy

I guess the title pretty much sums it up......I have been one busy lady lately!
I don't want to bore ya'll with a three page long post about everything I have been doing.... so I will do a little picture recap :)
We had a Family Fun day at our church 2 weekends ago....have I told ya'll my husband is the Pastor of our church? We have a non-denomination church in Alabama :) Love it! Here is some pictures from that day! We put up a huge slip n slide down the front lawn of the church! The kids love it, and the adults too! I didn't go down it this year because I was too busy supervising, but Ant got pushed down it in his nice church clothes!!!!!!!

Looks fun doesn't it! It really is a blast!

Last Friday I had to take off work because we were having a yard sale at our church on Friday and Saturday......

We had some kids bicycles for sale so I decided to take a break and ride one :) I am modeling an apron in this picture! We were also selling hand made aprons!

I finally got some plants planted! I think they are beautiful :)

My Cala Lillies! They are blooming and gorgeous!!!!

These are Hybrid Lillies I just planted! They will bloom in just a couple days :)

This is my Peony Plant!!! My favorite flower!!!!!!!!

Last but not least, my sweet husband had an accident this weekend.......

He fell at church and hurt is foot really badly!

After being at the Dr.'s offices on Sunday and Monday this is the outcome...

He has a boot on and is on crutches!!! We are beliving God that everything is going to be just fine! He goes for an MRI on Wednesday! Nothing is broken just severely HURT!!!!!!!!! It is his right foot, so he can't drive or really do anything!!! Poor baby!!!! All my attention has been on HIM since this happened!!!!

Hope ya'll had a great Mother's Day weekend!

Oh, I almost forgot, duh.......

I went to my 4th Dr.'s appointment today for my "waiting to get insurance approval 7 month's of hell" appointments :)

Only 3 more to go!

She said everything looked good....

I am STILL fat :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ant......He has my heart!

So I have been missing from the blogs lately! Sorry ya'll, I have just been so busy with work and church...... the list goes on and on! I thought I would write a post today about my FAN-tastic husband. Ya'll he really is so awesome! I call him Ant! His real name is Anthony! I was hoping to write this post last Monday but didn't get around to it! So, this one is for you Anty!!!!!! First here is a pic of my super HOT husband.........

I know he really is hot. ;)

Here are some more pics...

He is so my BEST friend! I love him so much!

Sweet story...

This weekend I had to be at work at 7:30 am on Saturday because we were having a spring fling to raise money for the non profit organization I work for. I was so bummed about having to work all day since there was so much around the house that I needed to get done. Well, to make a long story short he drove to town about 9:30 am to bring me breakfast, then when I got home he had straightened up the house, gone grocery shopping for me, and bought me a dress to wear on Sunday to church and a dvd - It's Complicated (which by the way was so funny)!!!!!!! It was the sweetest thing! It really meant a lot to me!

So Ant, thank you! I love you so much and am so excited about us spending the rest of our long and happy lives together! We were made for each other! :)

Now, onto Mary CRAZY news.

I think I need a brow lift.

I have been OBSESSING over this ALL day long. I have taken, I really can't even tell you how many, tons of pictures of my eyes and eye brows today. It is driving me crazy.

The dilemma.

My eye brows used to not be this low.......

Is it because I am a fatty?

Is it because I am getting old? I mean I am almost crossing the lines of turning 28!!!

Am I CRAZY???????

Here is some PROOF!

Ok, this is a picture of me in my YOUNGER days. Oh, and of course I weighed a COUPLE lbs. less than I do now ,like maybe 70 ;) ....

NOTICE the BROWS.......

Now here pic #1 from today - smiling with my mouth closed and in normal eye position...

Here is pic #2 - smiling with teeth showing and in normal eye position...

Here is pic #3 - smiling with teeth showing and in "make your own eye brow lift / my sister tells me I look retarded when I do this" position...

So. my conclusions....

I need a brow lift! :)

What do ya'll think. Maybe when I FINALLY get banded and start to loose some weight it will make my brows look more lifted because my face will not have so much fat on it? Will go with that answer for now, at least that makes me feel a little better that there is hope for my brows! :)

Oh, and I really need my teeth whitened............

Thanks for reading ya'll!

Oh, and Ant I love you big!

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