Thursday, April 29, 2010

La La La La La La

I am in a great mood today!
I had a wonderful day yesterday! I went to Florence with my Mom, my sister Mandy, and baby Praislyn! We went to see my SWEET sister MEAGAN! Wow, I miss her SO much!
I had a chance to share with my fam about my blog and all the wonderful friends I had meet through my blog! Meagan was super excited about it and wanted me to blog about HER! She is so funny!!!!!! You just have to know me and my sisters! We are a mess together! Her is a pic from our lunch yesterday! I will not tell ya'll where we ate or what I ate but I will tell you that is was REALLY BAD and would defiantly be X-RATED FOOD PORN :)

I know she is sickening BEAUTIFUL!!!! She is a majorette at The University of North Alabama, she is graduating in December with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, and she is in a sorority called Phi Mu (? hope I am getting that right?)!!!!!!! Can ya'll tell that I love her and am so proud of her!

She wanted me to do a blog about her weight problems! I at first laughed at her and told her yeah right, but then I remembered what a struggle weight is for her! I might let her do a post about her struggles and insecurities! I think she is beautiful and has a banging body, but she has worked very hard for it!

You know thinking about Meagan, when someone first glances at her, they might not realize what struggles she faces daily with weight challenges and pressures from society to look perfect.

You never know what someone might be going through on the inside while their smiling on the outside!

I AM going to ask her to do a post about some of the challenges she has faced! She has lost a ton of weight since high school, and she continues to battle her weight!!!

I am so thankful my family is so supportive of this whole process! Every time I see them they are always wanting to know all of the details and whats going on and how much progress I have made! They are so encouraging as well as ALL OF YOU!!!!!

Sometimes I think about this blog and how HARD it is to wait so long for this surgery that I day dream about daily! I will not let myself get discouraged! I really don't have that much longer. I have 4 regular Dr. appointments left (May, June, July, & August), I have my sleep study (I have yet to make the appointment & I have GOT to get that done!), I have the light down my throat test (again I have GOT to make THAT appointment), I have my nutritional appointment, I have my support group meeting, and I have my pre-op appointment! Ok, maybe I shouldn't have typed that out, it seemed shorter in my MIND!!!!!!

Thanks for reading ya'll!!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day Dreaming of a BAND :)

As I am sitting here eating my yummy lunch, I am DAY DREAMING about what life will be like once I get this awesome tool INSIDE me called a band!

I do this often, day dream that is! :) About what I will be able to eat, what will work best for me, how often will I need a fill, how fast or slow will I loose weight, the list can go on and on!

So today I would like to know from you beautiful ladies what are TOTAL no go foods? What are some foods that you know with out even having to try that they just don't work for you! I know everyone and every band is different, but let me daydream ya'll!!!!!!!!

Leave me comments / suggestions / themes for band friendly day dreams!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Well, the weekend is gone and over with! I don't know about ya'll but we had a GREAT weekend! This is a picture of me and Ant posing goofy while we are driving down the road! We like to that sometimes! :) It was really bad stormy weather here in Alabama on Saturday! When we took this picture it was majorly storming outside! We basically watched the weather like ALL day!
Oh, good news! When I weighed on Saturday the scale was down 2 lbs! YAY!!!!! I was so pumped! So pumped that I ate HORRIBLE all weekend to sabotage my SUCCESS! I am confident that I will knock those 2 lbs off early this week and maybe loose a little more also!
I didn't get much exercise in this weekend, but I did walk yesterday and it was a little over a mile! AWESOME, I know!!!!! I have plans to walk tonight also, so I will try to get in at least another mile!

Me and my husband went to the mall this weekend to get some shoes. I needed some new Yellow Box flip flops and he needed some new dress shoes. These are the one I picked out. I like them because I cam wear them with black or brown or really anything! Here in the SOUTH you have to have you at least one good pair of Yellow Box flip flops!

You really can't tell from the picture, but they are cute!

Ok, I guess that's all I have so far for ya'll!

I am going to take my week one day at a time this week!

So far, at 10:00 am on MONDAY i am on the right path!

About 20 ozs in and a banana!


Friday, April 23, 2010

What am I doing wrong?


I hope ya'll like my new blog background! I am trying to get something more colorful and bright to reflect my PERSONALITY! :) I like this one!

I am so DOWN about my weight this morning! I am just trying so hard and NOTHING is working.

This morning I am exactly where my weight normally is at this very same time of the month every month. My weight is weird. I fluctuate about 6 pounds throughout the month. I can not stand that! :(

This week so far I have exercised 3 out of 4 days. Like really exercised, for me. One day I walked .8 of a mile and the other 2 days I did at least 20 mins of the p90x (what I could do)! I just DO NOT GET IT! On the food front I am really trying also! I know I am not eating exactly perfect but I am in no way eating how I used to (whatever I wanted to)! I do not understand why the scale never moves anywhere but UP!

The only thing I can think of is just really buckling down and counting exactly what I have eaten calories wise, make sure I get my 100 oz of water in, and keep up the exercise! Why can I not be like a normal person and just be able to adjust one of these 3 things and loose like at least 5 lbs! Why? I am not trying to loose 100 lbs before I get banded, just about 20 lbs before my July vacation!!!!!!!

Sorry this post is starting to sound sad and DESPERATE!!!

I think I also need to invest in a better scale. I just have one of those really cheapo ones that isn't even electronic, the kind that the little hand just moves to your weight! I wish I could blame it on my scale and say it was stuck and everybody weighed that same amount every time they got on it! Not the case! I tried though, until my husband weighed on it! :( It always makes you feel better when your husband that is 6'3 (and you are technically 5'4) weighs a good 15 lbs less than you! :) So, I need to invest in a new high tech scale!

I had a great night last night! My husbands family came over for fish taco night! It was fun. I only ate 1/2 of a fish taco because I was trying to be good so the scale would be good this morning! I did have some chips that were really too salty and some cheese dip. Now that I think about it, I really didn't eat that good yesterday at all! Maybe I should stop all this complaining because I really have NOT been doing the best that I could on the eating front. I got depressed this morning and had a shot of Mountain Dew. It has been FOREVER since I drank a "coke"! When I say shot i just took like a little shot of it, like maybe 4 oz!!!!

Ok, so this has turned into one big rambling post!

I pray everyone has an awesome weekend!

Pray for me! I need some scale movement in the right direction


Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hello Blog World!
I feel like a noodle today!

Seriously! When I got off work yesterday I went home and tried one of the p90x dvd's again! :) Fun, I know! This time I tried the Kenpo??? I think that is what it was called! I also think I did really well with this dvd. I made it almost 20 minutes into it!!! Yahooo! Last time I tried I quit after 6 mins. So I AM MAKING PROGRESS! I had my sweetie pie husband take some pictures of me doing some of the moves I learned! After carefully examining these photos I have come to the decision that I need to have this lap band surgery come hell or high water!!! Really, they are that bad! Good thing for ya'll I have great self confidence and will post really bad pictures of myself on a blog for the WHOLE WORLD to see! :)

Things I notice in this picture........

1. This shirt is a 2x and it is too tight! Not a good sign! Maybe it has been washed and dried too many times, um yeah that sounds like a good EXCUSE!

2. These shorts are also too tight. Another oooops. Maybe I should have bought the size bigger last summer when I bought these and thought they looked awesome on me!

3. I have missing knees and elbows! Where did they go? I didn't notice they were missing until now, I guess they are not really needed! :)

4. Why am I so worried about skin when my fat looks just as bad? I guess I have never really looked closely at my arms. Big mistake. Maybe if I had taken the time to examine my arms I would have being doing the old p90x a LONG time ago! I have been paying extra close attention to my arms since Amy W. made a post about bat wings! Thanks Amy!!! By making that post it has caused me to LOOK at my arms! Ghah! I might take a picture of my arms and post, but I don't know if I am THAT brave! You can pretty much see from these pictures that my arms are in bad enough shape because of FAT!!!!! Skin is the LEAST of my worries!

Here is another picture of a "new" move I learned last night! I had Ant (husband) take a picture of this one because it is SPECIAL! It was one of the stretches and I didn't think I would be able to do it! Weird I know, it is really easy! So, it made me excited that I am trying NEW things and accomplishing them! Even if it is just a squating stretch! We all have to start somewhere!!!

Ok, so there you have it!!!! Awful pictures of my wonderful workout!!!!

Have a GREAT day ya'll!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Picture Post as PROMISED

This is my makeup look for the day! I call it the olive look! I am obsessed with bronzer and highlighting creams this season. Totally OBSESSED!!!! Everyone knows I sell Mary Kay so I will spare ya'll the details of every product just know they are all Mary Kay! I have on a tinted moisturizer (love it - wouldn't live without it), eye primer, moonstone mineral eye color, chocolate kiss mineral eye color (favorite color of the week), olive eye liner (gorgeous), ultimate black mascara, sunny spice blush (very light n neutral), desert sun mineral powder bronzing powder (oh my goodness at $12 best buy of the season), highlighting cream (one of the best products I own), neutral lip liner, and cream n sugar lip gloss! Phew......that was a lot of makeup!

These are my new "fat" pictures :) I shouldn't talk like that about myself! I am trying to take more pictures so I will be able to have a lot to look back on. The last set of pictures I thought I looked awesome and hot.......... in these not so much. These pictures are not so HOT! In looking at them now I am praying I am not going to have a skin issue! What do you guys think? If you can't tell I am fixated upon skin lately. At least I am not trying to back out of the surgery. I am making progress ladies! This is a dress I got from Old Navy last year I think and the cardigan is from Wal-Mart. I am standing in front of a door at my office. I think they are bigger than the doors in a regular house. I want to take some naked pictures, got ya'll not really naked but like panties and bra. I think I want to do them without my face showing in case I decide to post them and then like every time you search Mary Sellers you would find naked pictures of me when I weighed 300 lbs. Not good for self esteem!!!!

Thanks guys for reading!

Hope ya'll enjoy my posts! Hope they aren't too boring!!!!

Talk to ya'll later!!!

Planet Mary

Hello all!

I thought I would talk about some just randomness today..... Well actually that is pretty much what I do every post, anyway on we go!


There has been a lot of talk about skin lately on the blog circuit! Can I just say this is one of things that majorly FREAKS me out! I know there is no way to tell what the outcome will be when you loose massive amounts of weight, but I WISH THERE WAS. I wish there was some kind of magic formula that you could plug in your weight and measurements and just like random stuff and it would tell you how much skin you are going to have to deal with! Anybody with me? I asked my Dr. one time about skin and he said the same old same old.....genes, water, exercise, age, you never know! Can I just go ahead and put it out there that I do not want to have to deal with skin! Lord, I know I have been fat for awhile and haven't taken care of my body the way I should have, but PLEASE let everything shrink back into place......kinda like the way I looked when I was about 21 :) Thanks!


I did go through with it, shocking I know! I walked yesterday and did .8 of a mile! Don't hate! Last week I only did .6! I am moving on up and trying! I walk at my church sometimes. That is where I walked yesterday. It is kinda hilly so it was a work out for me anyways! I won't be able to walk today because I have a Mary Kay meeting after work. Maybe I will try to do some of the P90X again! Maybe I can make it for longer than 6 mins!!!!!!


Yesterday I only drank about 70 oz. not to good ladies! I will try harder today! This morning I messed up! I don't crave Sunkist like somebody I know, but I love orange Fanta! Just love it! I drank one this morning and I shouldn't have! Oh well, I will make up for it in water TODAY!


I have got to get some clothes for my VACATION coming up! Disney in July, I know we are crazy! I think I need a couple pair of shorts and some tank tops. I have a bunch of just like cotton dresses but I might need a couple more! I have gotten to the point where I hate spending money on clothes since I KNOW I will not be wearing this size next summer! If ANYONE has any shorts, tank tops, summer dresses that want to pass on, let me know!!!!!! I wear a size 24 in pants / shorts, XXL or 2X in shirts and the same in dresses! Thanks!


Mary Kay is going kind of wamp wamp :( I have got to get back motivated! I have got to make some extra money for my vacation!!!!!! I am running a sale to get my business moving! 10% off any order!!!!!

Ok, I think that was pretty much enough rambling for today!!! Later today when I get ready (actually put on some makeup) I might post some more before pictures!!!

Thanks for reading ya'll!!!


Monday, April 19, 2010

I am going on a little walk tonight!

Hello, again!

I have to post this, so I can't get out of it tonight!

I am going to go walking when I get home!

That's it!

Toodles Poodles!

Hello again!

Hello blogger land.....

It has been too long once again!

How is EVERYONE!!!

I see lots of talk about the new group called "BOOBS"!!!! Too, funny! Ya'll's trip sounds awesome, to bad I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO :( Sad I know! I booked mine and my husbands trip to Disney World for July, I am suppose to be BANDED in September would not be a good time to take off work AGAIN!!!! I don't think they will go for it! I do hope ya'll have an awesome time, and maybe someone will think about me!!!!!!!!

I just got caught up reading some blogs and OH MY GOODNESS! How HOT does Amy W look! I just stare at her pictures in Awe!!!!! Seriously how ENCOURAGING! How did she do it? I would faint if my scale every said 189....... I can't even imagine loosing 100 lbs, well even like 75 lbs. I can't even imagine what I would look like, how I would feel!! What would I do with myself?????

I had the busiest weekend EVER...... I played in a basketball tournament for my church. Needless to say my team LOST!!!! I am not very athletic! I am actually horrible at every kind of sport I TRY to play! I tried to play basketball when I was a kid. They would hardly ever let me in the game and when they did I decided it was too much work to run from one side of the court to the other, so I just decided to wait on one side and wait for the team to come back. I didn't get to stay in the game for very long after that!!!!! Anyways, I also tried to start P90X, I think that it was that is called! I made it 6 mins. Yep, I am pretty sure I just made it through the warm up! I am going to try again today!

Ok, I know this was a super boring post so I am going to start on my work "work" now, oh and get some WATER in!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thank God for Cheerleaders

Thank ya'll!

Seriously......THANK YA'LL!!

I am so blessed to have ya'll as my own personal support group!

Ya'lls comments were so great and so kind!

I REALLY appreciate you!

I am feeling much more positive today!

I have already drank about 30 oz of water for today and went and walked yesterday afternoon. I know this sounds lame but I have worked up to 1/2 a mile! :) Hey, I am TRYING here!!!!

I am taking Jen's advice and just closing my eyes and dreaming about how awesome I am going to feel when this is all said and done! I am going to be so proud of myself!

Thank you Kim for the Disney World BIG GIRL report! You made me feel so much better! We have SO much in common. I didn't get married at Disney but I HONEYMOONED at Disney! Too funny! I am also a huge Disney World fanatic!!! The only problem is that when I last vacationed there I was about 80 lbs lighter! :)


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jibber Jabber form an absent blogger :)

Ya'll please forgive me for not posting in so long!

I am really sorry, I have just been kinda MA!

Please don't think I haven't been reading posts, because I have, I just haven't been commenting like I should!

This post is just going to be some major ramblings from me!

I am not promising it will make any sense!

So, what has been going on lately with Mary?

I booked a VACATION! Yay! I am so excited. I booked a trip to Disney World! I am kinda worried about it since I am so...... how do I say this nicely FAT! Has anyone else done Disney as a big girl, I mean BIG GIRL! Since I am constantly worried about seats and my booty not fitting in them I found this website which was really helpful! Here is the link
It is a website that has the picture of the SEAT for almost every ride at Disney! How cool is that! After reading all these big girl encounters from this site it seems like I will be ok! I need some advice from people I know though also, and since ya'll are all my best friends I thought I would ask ya'll! So who has done Disney big girl style!

I have been really down about my weight lately. I can this be possible from sunny side up Mary? Well I just have been. I want to loose like 20 lbs before I go to Disney in July! I have been trying so hard this week....counting calories, drinking like almost 100 oz of water a day, no cokes........ Has any of this paid off NO!!!!!!!!!!! I exercised 4 times last week!!!!!!!!!! I have taken up the SPORT of TENNIS! You heard me right this athletically challenged GIRLY GIRL has been playing tennis! Has any of THIS paid off NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow this is starting to sound like a MEAN post! Sorry ya'll! Guess what I went to the Dr today for my 3 nutritional vist, and drum roll please.................................I have gained 3 lbs! Yay for me!

Oh, by the way I just realized I have never told ya'll what I weigh! How could I have left that out.........maybe because I am unsure about posting my weight on the INTERNET!!!! Well, maybe nobody I know will read this blog........ As of TODAY I way (should have read my blog that day!!!!! Now you'll never know!) lbs :(

I am just down about my weight and this surgery. If I am trying to loose weight now and I can't even drop 5 lbs........How is this band ever going to help me? I hear all these people say I had the hardest time with weight I could ALWAYS loose it but could never KEEP it off! That is why the band has helped me so much....I can finally keep the weight off!

How is the band going to work for me if I can not even loose the weight to begin with............I don't have to worry about keeping it off it NEVER goes AWAY!

If ya'll can't tell I NEED ENCOURAGEMENT!

I also ran across a not so nice blog. I was trying to search to see if there were any other bloggers from my state Alabama. I came across a not so band friendly blog! It was a typical band HORROR story........Someone she had known had the band and in 3 years had gotten esophageal (sp???) cancer. She was warning people that had the band how horrible it was. Of course that FREAKED me out! I know nothing like that is going to happen to me, because I have been in PRAYER about this surgery for forever and I have FAITH in GOD! But, that is kinda scary! I talked to my Dr. about that today and she assured me I had nothing to worry about! Have any of you ladies EVER heard anything about THAT before?

So any way ladies I NEED ya'lls HELP!

I apologize for being a BAD blogger and am really SORRY!

I need some good stern talking to in the comments, they need to go something like THIS....Mary you are great and wonderful and you are just getting frustrated because you are 3 months into your 7 month diet plan! This band is going to work for you and you are going to look so awesome by this time next year! Now go put on your big girl panties and get on with this program........You need to keep drinking tons of water and I am SURE you will loose some weight by the time you go to Disney! Oh, and you will be able to ride everything at Disney, why wouldn't you be able too? There is nothing for you to worry about!!!!!! You CAN DO THIS!!!! You go GIRL!

Thanks ya'll!

Mary :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sping Time

Good Afternoon Bloggers!

How is everyone doing today?

I am sorry I haven't posted in a COUPLE of days! I have been really BUSY at work!

First off I want to say HELLO to all my new FOLLOWERS!

Wow, it is hard to believe that I have like 54 followers!

I LOVE it tough!

I have been doing FABULOUS ladies and boys!

I wanted to post some SPRING pictures to go along with my SPRING post!

Oh, and can just say it is a BEAUTIFUL day in ALABAMA!

I am wearing a DRESS today with a jean jacket and FLIP FLOPS!

I would take a picture and post, but I have lOST my phone :(

Here is my SWEET baby Samson. He has just figured out how to dig holes in the yard :( Oh, and for all you dog LOVERS out there he is on a chain thingy, but it is not really a chain and he was just on it for this picture and a couple minutes to run around. Samson is an inside doggie when I am home and he is not old enough for a wireless fence collar yet :) As soon as he turns 6 months he will get to stay outside with his sister while I am at work! :)

This is my ANGEL Ellie Mae. You couldn't get a better dog baby than her! :) Oh, she is sitting on the deck my husband just finished this past weekend! I am SO PROUD of him!

These are the BEAUTIFUL flowers I just hung on my front porch! I have had them for about 2 weeks and they are still alive! PRAISE GOD!

This is a AWESOME tree in my front yard! I LOVE it!

Hope ya'll enjoyed my SPRING pictures!

Onto BAND news.....

NOTHING to report!

I am doing HORRIBLE on this 6 month diet. I am SURE I have gained weight! I am just being a GOOD girl and going to ALL my appointments and waiting this 6 months out :)

Ok, ladies and boys! I know this post seems kinda of boring, but it is all I can do for today! I am going to do another BEAUTIFICATION report tomorrow, I think!

I'll share this for today, just something that has been on my HEART!

I was teaching Sunday school on Sunday morning and we have been studying Hebrews. We were in the 12th and 13th chapter and were talking about things that help us endure. There is a long list written in Hebrews. I was reading them out and having the youth raise there hands when I read the one they were going to commit to doing this week. I came across the one that said "show gratitude." That really hit home. You know we don't show GRATITUDE enough.

So many times and occasions we just take for granted that people know we are thankful for them and appreciate them. Just because we think they know doesn't mean they do! I know this sounds simple, but take the time to tell people YOU CARE!

I took on this challenge this week, and it has made a difference. I have taken the time to slow down and make sure people understand just how much I APPRECIATE them! Everyone wants to feel NEEDED and LOVED!

I am reminded of a saying that used to be written on my boss' coomputer as a screen saver.....

I can't remember it exactley but it went something like...

Just because someone is smiling on the outside doesn't mean you know what they are going through on the inside!

Take the TIME to tell someone THANK YOU!

You never know how much that might mean to them!

Thanks for reading ladies and boys!


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