Monday, September 27, 2010


Good Morning!

I am so enjoying reading everyone's post about BOOB'S! It kinda makes me sad that I wasn't able to participate....but, there is always next time! Seriously it looks like ya'll had a blast! I am slightly jealous!!!!!!! Ok, maybe really jealous!

I have been thinking a lot about goals lately. As of right now I really have no goals. Ever pound is a celebration, and seriously ever pound I loose is like a shock because I never really thought I could weigh....THAT! Has anyone else ever been there? Today I am down a solod 28 lbs. almost 29 lbs. I was banded August not too shabby! I weigh 282 lbs. My husband weighs 281 lbs. I can not remember the last time I weighed less than my 6 ft 3 in husband. Well, actually I do, the day we married and then maybe the next 2 months after that :) I am happy.

Oh, today I am wearing a really cute blazer that was sent to me from the sweet Amy @ Babbles of a Bandster. It is a size 22. Guess is baggy. Not so baggy I can't wear it. Baggy like it looks cute and it doesn't look like I had to shove my upper arms into the jacket and suck in to get it to fit! Ahhhhh........the pros if a band ;) Life is good! Thank God for Amy becuase without her I would really have NO clothes right now! So, thank you Amy! I just looked at your blog and your pictures.....there are no words. What an acomplishment!

I got the sweetest message on facebook from Jenny @ Embracing a New Path. Thanks Jenny! It let me know ya'll were thinking about me at BOOB'S!!! ;) It was really nice to coe into work this am and see that message! So, Thanks again!

This weekend went by supper fast! As usual! I really did not make the best eating choices this weekend though! I have bunkered down and I promise I will eat like a perfect little banded girl all week! My first fill was suppose to be scheduled for today, but I had to reschedule......I know totally sucks! My sister's soriety step show is tonight and I had promised her I wouldn't miss it.....So now I have to wait till next Monday. It is ok though, I'll manage.

Now, back to the main point of this post ;) Goals. I would really like to be at 50 lbs. down by Christmas. I guess that could be my first goal! Well, really my first goal was actually like 30 lbs. down, which would be like 10% of my body weight. So I have almost reached that goal! Yay. I think I can do 50 lbs. down by Christmas. That would put me at 260 lbs. and maybe a size 22 jeans?????? That ladies is a whole seperate post ;)

Love ya'll!


Alison said...

You're doing fantastically well! I'm sure that you can reach 50 lb's be Christmas.

Jenny said...

You are more than welcome! Don't be shy to reach out if you EVER need anything!!

Bonnie said...

I suck at setting goals. I really haven't been losing consistently so it's hard to determine a realistic goal for me. You are doing awesome. You've lost as much of me and you were banded 5 weeks later than me!

cowchipper said...

hi, yours is the only banded blog I have been reading. I was on a plateau for a few weeks after my surgery Aug 26th. I found out that I add another meal and the weight started coming down again. Right now I am dealing with my back hurting every-night about 3am not sure what that is about but didn't hurt when I was 365. I have lost 40lbs already. 20 b4 and 20 so far after. My friend that talked me into the deal was 465 and lost 100 in 5 months. I have a shake (ensure muscle drink) 4 breakfast because I am not a breakfast person, then a small protein filled meal about 4 hours later, then 4 more hours another small protein filled meal, then about 6-8pm I have the second shake (Ensure muscle drink). If I haven't walked during the day I wait about 30 minutes and walk for at least 15 min or more... 1/2 mile or more, what ever tires me out first!... keep posting and I will keep reading... April in TX

Mary said...

Thanks girl!

Kristen said...

Mary!! You are doing fantastic!! Keep up the good work! You can definitely hit 50 pounds by Christmas no problem!!

I want to do lunch/dinner with you and Kim whenever you come back into town!! That would be so much fun!

Mary said...

I know! I want to meet you in person!!!! FINALLY!!!! I have a Dr.'s appnt in early November! We have got to get together!! :)

cowchipper said...

hello!. you haven't did a new post in a few weeks. Is everything ok. How is it going for ya.

April in TX

Mary said...

Hi! I have just been swamped at work! Thanks for asking! I have been thinking about lots of posts i need to do!!! I am down 33 lbs! Yay!!!! Thank you!

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