Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow days are the best ...

50 pounds down......

This was me. 50 pounds ago. This isn't even the "worst" before picture I have, this was just one I had on my work computer. I have worse. I remember the day I took this picture. I didn't think I looked that bad!!!???!!!! Not my best picture, but def not horrible. 5 months later and 50 pounds less, I have to be honest it is almost hard to look at. I don't recognize that person. I can't find my bubbly energy in my face, I can't see the happiness. It makes me wonder, even though I professed it over and over again before I got banded, was I even really happy here?

This is me today. I see "life" in this picture. Maybe it is just me because I know what a huge difference this 50 pounds has made in my life, spiritually and physically. I see myself here. I see Mary.

I don't see a perfect body, or even one that is half way there, but I see accomplishment.

Wow. I can really tell the difference! I hope ya'll can too!

On to other news, I need a fill desperately!!!!! I am eating......lots. Nothing out of control, but if I don't get it under control it could be a problem! I have a fill scheduled for this week I think! I have to double check! I have some more pics I would love to share of me in my undies! You can really tell a huge difference in those!!!! I am just kinda worried about it, because I think some real life "stalkers" have found my blog! Part of me wants to just say whatever, it is my body, i have worked hard, and own up to it! Kinda sounds empowering doesn't it!!!???!!!

What are ya'll's opinions?

I forgot to mention.....size 20 cords fron Old Navy, size XL top from Old Navy, boots from Lane Bryant! :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

do you remember me? ....... 52 lbs down!!!!!!!


Wow I have taken a break! A big break! I have missed you all! I have been reading blogs and commented on a few, just not blogging for myself! I need to get back! So much has happened I don't even know where to begin!

Basically everything has changed!

I have now officially lost 52 lbs!!!!! 52 lbs!!!!!!!! I really can not even believe it!

Those jeans that hung in the back of my closet that I only dreamed of wearing that were a size 20, yeah I wear those like every day now! I am officially out of my 22 jeans!

Everything in my closet that NEVER fit me before, fits perfect now.

My Northface jacket my Mom got me for Christmas like 5 years ago that I was like never able to zip, yep you guesed right, got it on today - tight but zipped!

I am able to wear my pretty things that I got when I got MARRIED! Yep, they all fit agian!

I am so blessed!

Just incase I have gone so long you all have really forgotten about me here are my stats!

banded August 12, 2010

total of 5.75 cc's in the band

I am planning on posting pics and all that good stuff next week!

Leave me a comment if you misssed me......it always motivates me to blog more and stay on target!

Did I mention I have lost over 50 pounds??!!!????!!!!????!!!????!!!???


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