Thursday, October 21, 2010

i am on a roll today.....

Second post of the day!

Don't fall out your seats! :)

Picture post of what my jeans look like today!

This is a close up of my face after I went and put makeup on! :) The rest of the pictures were taken before this one and are makeup free!

This is a front shot. I have penis pants syndrome, also known as PPS, although this picture does not do it justice at all! Oh, and Amy @ Babbles do you recognize THIS top? You sent it to me!!!! I love it! I think it fits perfect! ;)

This is a saggy pants in the butt picture ;) One thing I find so neat is all my pants have at least gotten an inch longer in every pair. That is a NSV! I should also mention these are suppose to be skinny leg jeans. They don't really look like that anymore!

Another picture ;)

Up close!
Ok, so maybe the pictures don't show it as much as I feel it????
Oh, and thank you Jen! She said she was sending me some new jeans! I'm excited!
Oh, and so is Nella!
I am so blessed by blogging buddies!


Angela said...

You look great!!!

Jenny said...

I think you are so freaking cute!

Michelle said...

What a pretty pretty face!!

Mary said...

Thank you ladies!

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