Monday, October 18, 2010

weekend blur....

Hi ya'll!!!

This weekend I had so much fun! It was supper busy and I think I managed to eat pretty well the whole weekend! Total shocker I know :)

Here is a recap, oh with some pics!
On Friday afternoon I left work early and was so excited because Anthony also got off work early too! This N.E.V.E.R. happens. We got to spend some much needed time together! We went and ate lunch together at jim n Nicks. Food wise did pretty good. I got a potato stuffed with bar-b-que. I ate maybe a 1/2 of it. Oh, I also ate 1/2 of 1 small cheese biscuit. Drank unsweat tea :) I had been thinking about buying some fruit trees to plant in our yard so we went to Home Depot and I got 2 apple trees and 2 peach trees! So excited about that! We then went to Walmart and shopped a little! We came home and watched the best movie! Just Wright! Has anyone else seen it? It was so good I watched it 2x in the same night!
On Saturday we had to up super early to go help set up a booth for our church at a festival downtown. We had to be there at 8:00 am! We were late of course! We ended up getting there at like 8:30 am. Left about 10:00 am to hurry up and get ready to go meet Kim from Good Bye Fatty McButter Pants! We went to the Alabama football game with her and her Dad! We had such a great time! Seriously Kim, I know I have told you this a hundred times, but THANK YOU! I have some pictures of our day! In these pictures I have lost 33 lbs. and my husband Ant has lost over 20 lbs!! Oh, and I colored my hair black! Let me know what ya'll think!!!! We ended up not getting home till after 2:00 it was a super long day, but totally worth it! Food wise I did ok this day. I didn't have time to eat breakfast (bad I know)! I did a pack of crackers for a breakfast/lunch snack. We had bar-b-que for lunch. I did just the meat and a couple bites of baked beans. For dinner I did 1/2 peice of baked chicken and a couple bites of macaroni and cheese and I think 2 bites of coleslaw. No bread or dessert :) At the game I ate a couple fried pickles......hey it was a football game!!!!! :)

On Sunday it was back to our typical Sunday grind! At church by 9:00 am!!! Even though this Sunday we were a couple of mins late! We had a great church service! One person got saved and several came to the alter!!! Ant preached so good!! I really enjoyed it! I don't know if I have told ya'll on my blog...but I am in charge of the children's programs at our church! One of my jobs is to go pick up some children that leave in a trailer park back behind our church. I went Sunday as usual to pick up the 4 children that always come, and a new family had moved in! I picked up 4 additional children! It was great and I think they all had a great time!!!! For lunch I did some chicken. For dinner everyone was eating subway so I took off the majority of the bread and just ate the meat! :)

Ok, I am going to leave you with some updated pics!

Getting ready for the hair!!!

Kim and I!!!!!

Roll Tide!

Ant playing on the indoor practice feild!

So much FUN!!!

Me and my sweet husband!

Kim and I!!!!!!

Ant getting ready for the game!
Hope you all have a happy Monday!!!!!


Carmen said...

you look beautiful! so jealous that you got to spend the day with kim at a football game! she can tell you that if i was there i would have stolen your scarf! I love houndstooth! :-)

tessierose said...

Great pictures, love your hair! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

Nella said...

Great pics! Looooookin goood!

cowchipper said...

congrats on your 33lbs... I saw a new number on my scale myself this morning. Your hair looks great. I have short hair and a perm. I am coloring it reddish brown b4 I head to NY in a few weeks. Do you live in Texas? Are you on facebook? Did your doctors tell you no rice, pasta, or bread? mine did and haven't had any since the pre op diet. The one thing I really hate is no sodas... I miss my wild cherry diet Pepsi! well, off to do Halloween treat bags for my 5yr old's party next week! laterZ (cowchipper @ gmail . com)

Mary said...

Hi! No I don't live in Texas! Yes I am on facebook...Mary Catherine Sellers. The told me no rice. I have pasta occassionaly with no problems and bread also! I miss cokes too, but if I really am craving them I have a sweat tea instead!

Amy W. said...

SOOOOOO! I think you, me, and KAK (kim) should meet up sometimes soon! Next time I am driving up to my parents maybe? I saw your pics on FB and you are too damn cute!

Mary said...

Thanks sweet lady! You are so cute too! I would love to meet up and I know Kim would love it too! Just let us know next time you are driving up so we can def make plans!!!!!! I love that you call Kim KAK I think I will adopt that name also! ;)

Kim said...

Do I get a say in what I shall be called?! Apparently not!! I guess there are worse names than KAK. However, I hate burst y'alls bubble, but I will be changing my name back to Allison, so my initials will be KAA.

Mary said...

Kim....what are we going to call you now???? I thought KAK was so cute :)

Bonnie said...

Sounds like a busy, but fun weekend.

Michelle said...

What a pretty girl! :)

Catherine55 said...

You guys look great! And, how nice that you got to spend time with Kim -- I loved meeting her in Chicago! She has my favorite blog title! :)

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