Thursday, October 14, 2010

pain in the.......ear?

So yesterday when I was writing my post a mentioned in it a little something about my ear hurting. I thought today I would talk about that some more!

I have been having ear pain. Only in one ear mainly. My left ear.

I need to go back and tell you a little bit about my ear troubles before weight loss surgery.

I have had ear pain different times in my life. I have TMJ, self diagnosed but I know I have it! When I get stressed out, or my TMJ starts hurting really bad I get ear pain. Normally in my left ear only. I usually only have like maybe 4 or 5 spells of this a year. It always seems to hit when I am like stressed out to the max in my life, or when I am super worried and stressed over something that is going on in my life.

Before surgery I had severe acid reflux. Really really bad. The way I got diagnosed with acid reflux was kinda weird. I went to the Dr. because my throat felt really strained, my jaw hurt, and I was having left ear pain. She took one look in my throat and said you have acid reflux. I have been on medicine every since. When I am irresponsible with taking my medicine it will flare back up. Usually the same symptoms...ear pain, jaw tightness, and strained throat. When I start taking my medicine again it goes away.

So, guess what? I have been having ear pain again! In my left ear. When I went in to get my fill I told my my "nurse important lady" that I was having ear pain and thought it was from acid reflux. Probably shouldn't have said anything because then she went on this whole rant about how I shouldn't be having any acid reflux with the band and if I was that typically means my band is to tight. :( Not good, since I didn't have any cc's in the band. She went ahead and gave me a fill but told me to watch it.

I have been trying to pay real close attention to my ear vibes since the fill :) All seems to be fine except this one thing. It seems that when I over eat it makes my EAR hurt????? I am being serious! Has anyone ever had this problem? The "nurse important lady" told me that I may have a nerve or something that is real sensitive in my ear! I think that is so funny!

Gotta get busy at work!

Does anyone else have a sensitive ear? :)


amandakiska said...

Interesting...I think we can get all sort of weird signals that we've eaten too much. My early ones were in my neck & shoulder so I don't think ear pain is out of the range of normal.

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