Tuesday, December 7, 2010

20's, camels, and muffins ;)

I finally got those size 20 jeans buttoned! They are on! Tighter than ever, no room to breath! I wore them the other day, because even though they are way too tight to be worn in public....I am so sick of my size 22 jeans. They sag, and are about 4 inches too long, they are just dreadful!!!!!!!!!!!! So here is the pictures!
They look great minus the muffin top and huge camel toe ;)
Thankful the big hoodie I paired them with kinda covered most of that up :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

welcome into my fall :)

A new outfit I bought! I weigh about 270 lbs here......40 lbs down!

Baby Praislyn my neice at Build A Bear in Nashville, TN!

Ant and I after our Thanksgiving feast at our house!

Playing in the leafs ;)

Great pic..........at least I think so!

Love this pic!

Sisters and baby!

My neice and nephew!

Meagan, Mary, and Praislyn!

Full body shop! About 268 lbs here!

I love playing with Praislyn!


Me in Montgomery, Al for a work conference!

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