Friday, October 22, 2010

whip my hair...

I have been watching a lot of hair and makeup tutorials latley on youtube!

I just love learning new hair and makeup tricks, and learning what's hot for the season that we are in!

I found one for wavey hair using no heat so I tried it!

It didnt turn out exactley the way I wanted it to, but anyway here is the process with pics!

First start with fresh washed hair.

Blow dry your until it is just slightly damp.

Section up your hair.
Start braiding in one inch sections.

Everything is all braided! Go to sleep!

When you wake up undo the braids and run your fingers through it. Add a little wax and hair spray!


Have an awesome weekend!


Angela said...

I like it!

DB said...

Looks cute! I've always done this with both my daughters.

amandakiska said...


Justawallflower said...

My daughter LOVES doing this! It does look super cute!

Island Bandit said...

cute! i was sooooo glad to see this post wasn't about that bloody schtooopid song!

Michelle said...

Love it! Looks real cute!

Kim said...

Very cute!!

Nikki P said...

Hair looks great Mary. You should try "rags". Similar thing but no braids, much quicker.
You are looking really happy in these pictures :)

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