Monday, July 19, 2010


I went to my support group this weekend! And.......I had a great time! It was the first time I have ever been, so I was a little nervous, but it ended up being great! I learned some new info, which is always good! I got to try some different kinds of protein and I even bought some! I ended up buying the Matrix vanilla kind. I choose it because they had lots of fun recipes that went with the vanilla kind and I thought it would be fun to change it up a bit!!! Some of the recipes were for a chocolate and peanut butter shake, strawberry cream shake, banana shake, and a chocolate shake! I tried most of them and they were all ok! I hope I can get used to drinking protein! I think it takes pretty nasty right now!!!! Anyway I got a copy of my pre-op diet at the meeting! I was actually kind of excited to see what I was going to get to eat.........which is pretty much NOTHING!!! I meant to bring the list so I could post it, but I forgot it! It basically was water, unsweetened tea, light juices, sugar free Popsicles, sugar free pudding, light yogurt, broth...........I guess the norm for most liquid diets! They want you to do it for 1 week unless you have a high BMI and then it is 2 weeks. If I had to guess I would guess I am going to have to do it for 2 weeks. My BMI according to me at 5'5" is 51. My BMI according to my surgeon's office at 5'4" is 53. I think that is a huge difference for only 1 inch!! I think that is a high BMI so I am just going to go ahead and plan on doing 2 weeks. I think it will be good for me!!!! Until then though I am sticking to the MARY PLAN and not thinking about what I eat. I know it isn't the best plan......but I am about to go on a crazy pre-op diet and HAVE WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY!!

Guess who I got to meet this weekend????? KIM!!!!! She is so sweet and so beautiful in person!! She made me feel so much more comfortable! Kim I really appreciate you going with me!!! It meant so thank you so much!!!!!!!!! Her blog is here if you don't already follow her!!!!!!!!!


Jennifer said...

You are getting so close Mary!! I am so excited for you. Don't worry about the pre-op diet - it will fly by and be SO worth it in the end!
I'm jealous you were able to spend time with our Kim!

Allan said...
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Mary said...

Allan.....I really appeciate you following my blog and taking time to comment! I alos really admire you for being able to loose weight without any type of weight loss surgery. I think that is great, but I also have tried to do it that way with out any sucess. I have done a ton of research on getting banded and I am sure of my decision. I would appreciate if you continue to comment on my blog they be positive comments. The past comments you have left, I feel, have been border line rude and disrespectful! I know myself and I know my limits. I will not be eating a small country before I have weight loss surgery! This is a POSITIVE blog about MY thoughts and feelings and MY journey to weight loss surgery!!!!! I really do not appreciate ANY NEGATIVITY!!!!!!

amandakiska said...

Love you, Mary!

Kim said...

Mary - You are so welcome!!! I wanted to thank you for getting me to go to the meeting. I don't think you noticed, but I did start to cry during the meeting because I didn't realize how comforting it was to be with people who know exactly what I am going through and what you soon will be going through!! I am here for you anytime girl, so don't hesitate to call, email or text me!! You are a beautiful person inside and out! I am so glad that we finally got to meet in person and be "real" friends :) It was also great to meet your husband, he seems like a wonderful guy!! Next time you are in town, let's have lunch or something!!!

Oh, I am so proud of you for your comment above!!

Mary said...

Thanks girl!!!! We have got to eat lunch!!!! Sweet Allan just bashed me on his blog!!! I made a post and responded to it! I hope I don't loose followers!! I let him have it ;)

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