Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Comments fixed...Sorry about that!!!!

Hey guys!!!! I fixed my blog so everyone can comment now! I am so bummed that I messed something up and everyone wasn't allowed to comment on my last post!!! It is fixed now so GO COMMENT!!!! ;)


Jacquie said...

Testing, testing! Does this count as a comment?

Mary said...

Awesome!!!! Thank you! It works!!!!!!!! Yay!!!! Thank you so much for your support on Bonnie's blog!!!! ;)

Linda said...

Hey Mary - I found you from Bonnie. I had a long post about that crappy guy yesterday, but I couldn't post. The short version is you are doing great and we're here to support you. Sorry I didn't follow from the beginning but I'm here now.

Mary said...

Awe.....that is fine Linda!!!! It is hard to follow everyone!!! Thanks girl! :)

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