Monday, July 19, 2010

I really can not believe this......HOW RUDE!!!!!!!

I am just really shocked right now!!!! This is really SAD and horrible, and if I could figure out how to make someone not follow my blog I would BAN this person from my blog!!! I have been blogging for several months and have never had ANYONE leave me a comment that was negative in ANYWAY until I got a follower named Allan. I don't follow him so I can't link you to his blog, but trust me you do not want to go there anyway! He is basically against weight loss surgery, at least that is what I can gather from his blog (the little time I spent there!) I did not follow him first either. He followed me. The first comment he ever left me was this:

Great stuff, and I wish you all the luck and love in the world. Take a minute and come visit my little corner of crazy land. Start at the beginning, and think about it a little.

Whatever you do, everyone is here to help !!!

I thought ok, I always try to follow everyone that follows me, so off to his blog I went and started following him before I ever even pulled up his actual blog. Once I followed him I went to his blog and noticed the name of it was "Almost Gastric Bypass." I thought that was weird, but really didn't think that much about it. I kind of figured he probably wasn't all about weight loss surgery, but never figured he would voice that or leave negative comments on my blog. Especially since my blog was about MY journey to get the lap band and MY life ;) Boy was I wrong. I couple post later he left this comment:

I love the positive thoughts. Please read, really read the blogs of the successful band folks. They are a great source of the realistic goals of the band, and the problems.. The best wishes...

I'll be honest when I read this comment it kind of made me upset. It might just be me, I might have just taken it wrong, but IT FLEW ALL OVER ME. I thought it was border line RUDE!!! I just felt like it was a negative comment. At this point I really just wanted him to stop commenting on my blog because I feel like I am at a point in my journey where I need nothing but SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT in a POSITIVE atmosphere!!! I couldn't figure out how to make someone stop following your own blog, so I talked about it with Kim (Good Bye Fatty McButter Pants) to see if she had any ideas!!! I also asked her what she thought and she agreed with me about it almost being rude!!!! So, I decided to just defollow myself from his blog in hopes he would get the picture! I figured he would notice since he only had a few followers. No such luck. I wrote a post earlier and he left another really ugly comment. Much worse than any of the others. I can't paste it on here because when I responded to it he deleted it!!!! It went something along the lines of this:

If you are having weight loss surgery you need to stick to the plan and not eat a small country before you have surgery.

There was more to it, but that is the gist of it!!! It just really made me MAD!!!!!! And, it really hurt my feelings!!! I had had enough and this is what I responded:

Allan.....I really appreciate you following my blog and taking time to comment! I also really admire you for being able to loose weight without any type of weight loss surgery. I think that is great, but I also have tried to do it that way with out any success. I have done a ton of research on getting banded and I am sure of my decision. I would appreciate if you continue to comment on my blog they be positive comments. The past comments you have left, I feel, have been border line rude and disrespectful! I know myself and I know my limits. I will not be eating a small country before I have weight loss surgery! This is a POSITIVE blog about MY thoughts and feelings and MY journey to weight loss surgery!!!!! I really do not appreciate ANY NEGATIVITY!!!!!!

Not TOO mean but I believe I got my point across.......

Allan then decided to give me a SHOUT OUT on his blog! :) This is what he had to say about me: (I blanked out his cuss words on my own!!!!)

Lost another one today. My bad. If you ask people to comment about your story, or about your thoughts, then take them as they come, or don't f****** ask. You can call me fat, tell me I am insane, tell me I will fail, whatever you want, it is all good. If you are getting surgery, whatever kind, or on a diet, or just don't freaking care that you are 700 pounds because it makes you happy, then go with God and enjoy. If you are going to get a lap band, and have to start a special diet pre-surgery, and that start is in a week, it is not time to start the engines and put your local McDonald's out of business. We get the surgery and the need. It is food people, and if that is your comfort place, no surgery in the world will fix that ever. Worse, if you are in the state that we are in, and are getting surgery or are taking drastic measures to fix a problem, "I am getting surgery soon" should not be a reason to bulk up. God forbid you remind someone about this, albeit nicely, your a** is hated and ridiculed. Eat up, knock yourself out, we will support the efforts the week after. News flash from a real fat a** over here. It takes 18 solid months of watching everything you eat, with the surgery, to lose 90 pounds. See CHRISTINE'S story of success. Want to add 20 pounds in ten days, that 18 months becomes 21 months. Nice plan. Again, kudos for getting better, but why the f*** would you get worse before the start. IT IS JUST FOOD !!!!!

It is hard for me to even read this!!!!!! So, this is for ALLEN!!!! I just though I would clear up somethings!!

First of all, I never asked you to comment on my blog or even read my blog. You found me buddy, and you followed me. If you do not like weight loss surgery do not go around following people that their blog is entitled "Band Me...I'm Ready." I am far form 700 lbs. JERK and I still look better at my current weight than you will probably EVER!!! My pre-op diet doesn't start in a week. If you are going to waste your time by commenting on my blog at least have enough respect to read the post before you comment. I do not even have a pre-op appointment yet, but I can promise you I will! My local McDonald's is not going to go out of business. That comment is just really rude. Thank you very much I have only ate there 2x this week ;) Just a side note, it's rude to make fat jokes about fat people period, but especially rude when you are fat as well. I really appreciate your concern for me, but I KNOW MYSELF and YOU DO NOT KNOW ME! You have no right to decide for me that food is my comfort place, and I do not like you talking negatively about my surgery! It will work for ME because I have faith that it will and I AM READY. I did not hate on you or ridicule you. I find it offensive that you thought that. I simpley asked you to comment positively if you were going to comment. I have 104 other followers that will support me after I accomplish this surgery. I do not need your thoughts or opinions. I really love how you assume that I am having surgery in 10 days and that I am going to gain 20 lbs. in those days also. You have NO IDEA what you are talking about. Everyone is different and looses differently. I am a Christian and do not appreciate when someone speaks negatively into my life. I have never spoken negative things into your life and would appreciate the same respect from you. You know, you are having to take a drastic measure to loose weight also. Eating only 800 calories a day is drastic! Your right it is just food. Maybe you should have stopped eating at McDonald's sooner.

Oh, and Allan please defollow my blog!!!! I have 104 positive supporters beside you!

I am sorry if my wonderful followers think less of me, but enough is enough and I can not take his comments any longer!!!!

I love you all and appreciate ya'lls support through my journey this far!!!!!!
Please don't defollow me unless you are ALLAN!!!!! ;)


Drazil said...

Mary - I'm pretty sure I've seen this guy before and I've seen the blog authors all remove his comments so it seems he makes a habit of picking on many. No worries - karma will take care of him. You take care of you and we'll support you the whole way.

Drazil said...

Oh and you can block certain people from your blog....I'm sure someone can comment on how to do that.

Sandy Lee said...

I had to post this right away and couldn't finish reading. You CAN block these jerks. Got hit by this jerk in February and posted this:

Or here are the steps:
You can block them by doing it through your Dashboard. Then click on Followers and from there click on their little picture and select Block this user. It will then turn to Unblock this user if you ever want him back. You can't seem to do it by clicking on the little follower picture.

I just blocked the jerk this way, because no one upsets my bloggy buddies. And you are too sweet to let someone upset you. So Allan, if you read this. Go kiss my ass! I decided not to follow him too when I read the name of his blog. I thought it was dumb too but I don't think he has left me any messages. Probably because I didn't qualify for Gastric Bypass and I'm not American.

You should also change to not allow anonymous comments. If you need any more info, send me an e-mail. The address is on my profile.

Good luck and Cheer Up!!

Mary said...

Thanks guys he is officially BLOCKED!!!!!! I am just upset because now on his post where he ranted about me people are leaving comments about me and how I have gained weight waiting for surgery. I haven't gained really any weight. It is gone up and down over the past 6 months, but never higher than my highest!!!! What nerve some of these people have!! They do not even follow my blog!!!!! CRAZYYY!!!!!

Christine said...

Hi there beautiful Mary! I wanted to leave you a comment (or two) to offer you some encouragement today because it sounds like you could use some! I had the gastric banding surgery about 17 months ago and it was the best decision I ever did for myself! (I only wish I had gotten it done sooner!) You are going to do wonderfully, so don't let any anxiety get to you. You have a wonderful, supportive community to hold your hand and offer you some advise. Just keep your eye on the long-term prize, and don't let anything (or anyone) distract you from your goals, mmkay? You're going to do wonderfully!

TracyZ said...

Mary - take about five deep breaths and then read my comment... ;)

It is totally okay (and justified) that some people don't believe in weight loss surgery and want you to look at other options. All of us post surgery have run into this in some way, shape, or form. If you were heading down the bypass path I may be trying to persuade over to the band-camp (lol)!

It is entirely possible that Allan wasn't trying to be mean but just trying to participate in your journey. His words were probably meant to motivate and not meant to hurt you.

I've seen it happen before in weight-loss blog land where one person says something out of concern or support of another and it ends up not sounding quite as they had hoped...or the receiver doesn't take it quite as the writer had hoped.

Keep your chin up and keep your eye on the prize (getting banded, losing weight, and keeping it off).

Mary said...

Thanks guys for taking up for me!!! I am feeling much better ;)

Mary said...

Jacquie left me this comment on Bonnie's blog!!!

ooh...add me too Mary. I tried to leave a comment also basically saying the same thing. You'll do great and that is the best revenge.

Mary said...

Kagead left me this comment on Bonnie's blog!!!

Yep, ditto what Bonnie and Jacquie said. Why give this jerk so much power? You don't know him or respect him, so forget him. (I couldn't leave a comment, either. Thanks for this post Bonnie!)

Mary said...

Heather left me this comment on Bonnie's blog!!!

Me too! I wouldn't put any thought to him. He has enough issues if he is darwing attention to himself anyway!

Mary said...

Christine left me this comment on Bonnie's blog!!!

I had a comment for you, too, Mary, on a previous post, but I couldn't leave you a message either. HUGS!

(I love that we're leaving messages for someone on sweet Bonnie's blog! LOL!)

Mary said...

This is the tahnk you comment I left on Bonnie's blog!!!

Ya'll this is the nicest thing EVER!!!!! I love ya'll, thank you so much!!!! I must have messed up my comment section while I was in a teasey trying to block sweet ol' Allan from my blog!!!! I do not even know what members is???? Anyway it is FIXED!!!! Let the comments begin! ;) Seriously thank ya'll!!!!

Stephanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karen Butler Ogle said...

I think Allan had a valid point. Weight loss surgery isn't a cure-all. You only get out of it what you put into it.I'm 17 months out from gastric bypass and I can tell you if you don't get your head in the game BEFORE surgery, you won't be successful no matter what surgery you have. The surgery will give you a smaller stomach . It will not magically undo emotional eating issues or inspire you to always make th best food choices. In other words, surgery wont fix your head. Try to take the comments in the light intended, as being helpful, not critical.

Mary said...

Karen - I would really appreciate if you are going to comment on my blog please read it first. I have researched all types of weight loss surgery for years. I have considered this and weighed the pros and cons for years. I know what I am doing and MY HEAD IS IN THE GAME. I have written several posts about this. Allan is not helpful he is a DICK HEAD and is just probably trying to get more followers since he has like only 18. I have never once stated in this blog where I thought weight loss surgery was a cure all, I actually preach the opposite! I appreciate you commenting but please know the situation and atleast take a moment to read my blog before you jump to conclusions.

Debbie said...

I think its great that you are going to get weight loss surgery. I wish I could afford it. Alan does follow my blog and he is straight forward in his comments, but so far he has been really nice. He does not like the fact that I eat frozen yogurt, but I am on WW so I can have anything I want as long as it is in my point range. So you do what you think is best for you. I am going to add your blog to my followers list.

Mary said...

Thanks Debbie you seem very nice!!! I think whatever anyone is doing to help and encourage their weight loss is perfect!!!! I love frozen yogurt! ;) I will follow you also!

Leah said...

I understand where Allan is coming from, but he doesn't have the right to tell you what's right for you and your body. Everyone goes through struggles, everyone has to fight and find their own way. Just because what he did worked for him, it doesn't mean it will work for you. I personally know people that have TRIED healthy eating, watching what they eat, exercise like crazy, and not lose anything, but GAIN, because not every diet is made for EVERYONE. And you've done your research and you know what you are doing! Everyone goes through ups and downs and you shouldn't be prosecuted for it Mary! I wish you the best of luck, and the surgery is the thing that will help you push you in the direction you are hoping to go!! GOOD LUCK MARY!! DON'T LISTEN TO NEGATIVITY, YOU DON'T NEED IT!! :) *BIG BEAR HUG*

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