Friday, July 16, 2010


This would be a good adjective to describe how I am feeling about my upcoming "procedure". Closeness. I think it is a good way to feel. It is getting close that's for sure! I can't help but maintain the idea that I am utterly UNPREPARED for this surgery! I need some advice from some pros!!! That would be ANYONE that reads my blog that is farther along in this journey than me...... pretty much EVERYONE!!!! I am probably about a 1 1/2 months away from have this "procedure" and my game plan right now whatever I want and eat whatever I want. Which is probably not the best game plan I'll admit! When ya'll were this close what were ya'll doing? Where you eating differently? Taking smaller bites? Exercising like crazy? Or, just setting back and mentally getting prepared? How do you mentally prepare?? I know I will more than likely have to do some sort of pre op diet before surgery. I have not been to my nutrition class yet because they want you to already have a surgery date when you go, I am guessing so it will be fresh on your mind when you actually have the surgery done. So I guess I just need some guidance! What are some things that I should be doing to get ready for this!!! I know you guys are great and will give me some great tips! :) I have faith in you!

I am going to the support group meeting tomorrow!!! Yay! I really am excited about going! I am going to get to meet a BLOGGER!!!!

I am looking forward to finally meeting her! My husband Anty is also going with me!!! I am hoping I get some good support and maybe some ideas on what I should be doing to prepare for surgery!!!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!! Thanks for all the ideas ;)


Carmen said...

you really want to know what i was doing & thinking a month to 2 months from surgery? i was in that last supper syndrome mentality....every day i would eat something that i knew i wouldn't be able to eat after surgery. bad behavior! and i will admit, i do still miss things so that last time eating it? didn't do anything lol
as far as positive things go....i was just making sure the house was straight, my bills were paid, i had comfy clothes to recover it, good movies to watch etc etc :-)

Kerri said...

My last meal started the month before my surgery and ended the day I started my pre-op but then I cheated 2 days on my pre-op because I was scared shitless that I would never get to eat like that again.

Recovery, I was back to work (desk job) 2 days post surgery. I have a 6 month old and 2 boys (older) so I cannot rest at home. I decided to go to work.

amandakiska said...

I decided to have my surgery about three weeks before the actual date. I self-paid so I didn't have to jump through any hoops. I pretty much just ate and exercised normally before hand. I am five months post-op now and there isn't anything I cannot eat. I obviously have to eat slower and less, chew more, take smaller bites, but I actually enjoy food more now. I don't feel guilty when I eat, no matter what I eat. All the negative self-talk is gone. I <3 my lap-band!

Stephanie said...

Yep, the last supper syndrome was soemthing I went through, too. Fattening Chinese and Mexican. Looking back though, I realize that I can still eat those favorite meals on occasion, just not nearly as much. I made sure I did all my pre-op diet shopping (Body Fortress Protien powder at Wal-Mart and broth and baby food), I bought a heating pad and Gas-X for the gas pains I heard about (and was so thankful I had them!) and I had plenty of movies in my Netflix que to watch while I was off work. I stocked up on books to read and I mentally prepared myself for this wonderful gift I was giving myself. Also made sure I had plenty of meal stuff for my hubby and daughter since I knew I would not be in the mood to cook what I couldn't eat.

And I blogged and got to know all these wonderful women. I went through and read their experiences and became inspired!

Amy said...

I was like Amanda - from the time I decided to do this to surgery was about a month. Throw in two weeks of pre-op, and I only had about two weeks to splurge. I am no doctor (obviously!), but I don't see the harm in doing what you want to do until your pre-op diet starts. You'll have plenty of time to learn what you need to learn after surgery. Heck, I didn't find restriction for almost 5 months. I learned plenty in that time!

Janelle said...

Do whatever you want before your pre-op diet, that's what I did!! Of course, do it carefully, I actually GAINED 9 pounds in the month before my pre-op diet lol. Not the best thing to do, but I gave my self a month of last supper syndrome and I really wouldn't change a thing. I didn't know what I could and couldn't do after surgery and now that I am a few months out, I can still eat anything I want, so I probably didn't need to splurge as much as I did, but who cares, I made it here, didn't I?

Try not to gain too much but go ahead and give in to Last Supper syndrome if you want, just don't overdo it. When it's time to buckle down and do pre and post-op diets, though, DON'T cheat on those. Let yourself "cheat" now instead so when it is time to be serious, you can! Good luck!

Bonnie said...

I generally ate what I wanted, but couldn't gain weight because of my insurance requirements. I lost about 5 lbs over the course of the 6 months so you know I wasn't watching what I ate. My 2 week preop was very easy. High protein/low carb. I cheated a little during that time too. I am so excited that your date is getting closer and closer.

ChristineKingery said...

Hi Mary! I know I'm a little late to this post, but I wanted to share my own experience with this. I was banded 17 months ago, in February. In order to get my surgery covered by insurance, I needed to have a BMI of 40 or more at the time of the pre-op diet (Medifast period for me, which began January 1st). As of December, I was at a BMI of about 39.5. I had to push myself over the in the weeks leading up to my pre-op diet I indulged in more pizza than was really necessary. I had more milkshakes than I ever would have had normally.

I don't want to say that I went out on an all-out bender, consuming everything in sight, but I also wanted to make sure that I qualified for surgery. If I wasn't aiming to make the BMI requirement, I probably wouldn't have eaten so poorly; I would have eaten like normal -- or, as normal as possible during the holiday season.

When I started my pre-op Medifast diet, I was 100% committed to the plan. Never cheated. Never fell off the wagon.

I don't know how close you are to your BMI requirement, so I guess my advice is this: Make sure you have the BMI to qualify for the surgery, so eat what you need to to ensure that happens. But if your BMI is comfortably within "coverable/insurable" territory, then I think you should just eat like normal, or perhaps even prepare yourself slowly for the pre-op diet. Don't binge just for the hell of it, you know?

Just my two cents! I'm sure you're going to do fantastically!

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