Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ant + Mary = The Real Deal

So.....I was going back over the post I wrote yesterday and I noticed something! Well, I really talked around the question that my friend asked. I had full intentions of that whole blog fitting together perfectly, but in true MARY style I got side tracked and kinda went off on something else! A true "popular sanguine" at heart I must say! (that is a personality type.....if anyone else knew that extra Mary love points for you, oh and leave me a comment for what type you are!!!) Actually I must come clean that my husband just called me and nicely reminded me that he should get some credit for me loving myself so much, and he should it is rightly deserved! So.....on with the rest of this blog!

I think our relationship is going to be fine! Yes, I really do! Here is why! It was what I was trying to say yesterday it just never made a full circle! Ya'll knew what I meant didn't you??? :) Not only am I happy and in love with myself, I feel the same way about where our relationship is......I love it! I think it is great! I feel PERFECT exactly where I am at with myself (on the inside) and in my marriage!

When me and Anthony started dating I was 21 and weighed 163 lbs. I was pretty hot! My weight has always gone up and down drastically in my life, this just happen to be a time that I was at my absolute skinniest. I was at the same weight I was at the day I graduated from high school. I was skinny for MARY, almost too skinny! Anthony was engaged when we first meet. I couldn't help it though. We feel in love immediately! It was one of those moments where I JUST KNEW!!!!! I knew right then I was in trouble because he was engaged, and I was going to fall in love with him. I knew we would be together FOREVER. I JUST KNEW! It really is a great feeling when you can take one look at someone and know that is your future!

Soon after we started dating I had to come off the diet pills I had been on. It had been a good run (over 2 years) on this particular kind and it was getting hard to get a prescription. Let's just say I gained some weight back, really quickly! I can remember going on vacation with my family and Ant to the beach and I gained 13 lbs. in like 5 days. I couldn't even button the pants I had worn on the way on the way home :(

Over our 6 year relationship I have gained lots of weight and lost lots of weight, but one thing has always remained the same.....Ant and I! I love him and he loves me, the real me that I know and love so much also!

So that's why I have so much confidence in our relationship, he has seen me at my best when he feel in love with me and he has loved me through my worst.

He is so supportive and so encouraging to me at all times!

I could never ask for a better husband, he makes me feel so SPECIAL!

Through him and God is how I found me, and that is a great feeling :)


Janice said...

I had someone comment to me that people who have WLS all end up divorced. That is ridiculous. If there were other issues going on beforehand, then those are the people that get divorced. But if you have a good & healthy relationship prior to being banded, losing weight does not change that.

You are very blessed! :)

Mary said...

Thanks girl I feel the same way :)

Nella said...

Amazing post!
You are truly blessed!

Stephanie said...

How wonderfully well said!! Much happiness to you both!

Bonnie said...

Amen! I'm also blessed with a super loving and supportive husband so I have no worries.

Nicole said...

Mary we have a similar story..I met my hubby at my skinniest as well. So me getting back to that weight has not effected our relationship.. it's just making it better ;)

Sandy Lee said...

I made a similar post about how we learn to love with our hearts not our weight. So glad you are seeing this. It's the person inside that counts and when you are happy it makes everything special. OK, so how else can we make Mary points?

Pamela E. Williams said...

So cool to have someone that loves all of you whether you are big or small. Thats love and support.

BTW, I am Sanguine and Choleric (talkative and bossy, LOL) OR (friendly and a born leader). I like that second description best.

Mary said...

Cool!!! I am glad someone knew what I was talking about!!!! I am a Sanguine ALL the way!!!! Too cool! My sister is Choleric and my mom is a Meloncholey!!!!! :) Thanks for sharing!

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