Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thank God for Cheerleaders

Thank ya'll!

Seriously......THANK YA'LL!!

I am so blessed to have ya'll as my own personal support group!

Ya'lls comments were so great and so kind!

I REALLY appreciate you!

I am feeling much more positive today!

I have already drank about 30 oz of water for today and went and walked yesterday afternoon. I know this sounds lame but I have worked up to 1/2 a mile! :) Hey, I am TRYING here!!!!

I am taking Jen's advice and just closing my eyes and dreaming about how awesome I am going to feel when this is all said and done! I am going to be so proud of myself!

Thank you Kim for the Disney World BIG GIRL report! You made me feel so much better! We have SO much in common. I didn't get married at Disney but I HONEYMOONED at Disney! Too funny! I am also a huge Disney World fanatic!!! The only problem is that when I last vacationed there I was about 80 lbs lighter! :)



Drazil said...

You're welcome - we love you Mary!

Amy W. said...

Something is better than nothing. After surgery i started with a mile and then added 1/2 a mile every week.

Just build up and it will get easier and easier!

Jess said...

Hey every little step counts! 1/2 mile rocks!

Band-Babe said...

Music is the key for me. When I have it, I can go for miles without even thinking about it (well, obviously everyone has to build up to miles, but it will help while you're getting there).

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