Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sping Time

Good Afternoon Bloggers!

How is everyone doing today?

I am sorry I haven't posted in a COUPLE of days! I have been really BUSY at work!

First off I want to say HELLO to all my new FOLLOWERS!

Wow, it is hard to believe that I have like 54 followers!

I LOVE it tough!

I have been doing FABULOUS ladies and boys!

I wanted to post some SPRING pictures to go along with my SPRING post!

Oh, and can just say it is a BEAUTIFUL day in ALABAMA!

I am wearing a DRESS today with a jean jacket and FLIP FLOPS!

I would take a picture and post, but I have lOST my phone :(

Here is my SWEET baby Samson. He has just figured out how to dig holes in the yard :( Oh, and for all you dog LOVERS out there he is on a chain thingy, but it is not really a chain and he was just on it for this picture and a couple minutes to run around. Samson is an inside doggie when I am home and he is not old enough for a wireless fence collar yet :) As soon as he turns 6 months he will get to stay outside with his sister while I am at work! :)

This is my ANGEL Ellie Mae. You couldn't get a better dog baby than her! :) Oh, she is sitting on the deck my husband just finished this past weekend! I am SO PROUD of him!

These are the BEAUTIFUL flowers I just hung on my front porch! I have had them for about 2 weeks and they are still alive! PRAISE GOD!

This is a AWESOME tree in my front yard! I LOVE it!

Hope ya'll enjoyed my SPRING pictures!

Onto BAND news.....

NOTHING to report!

I am doing HORRIBLE on this 6 month diet. I am SURE I have gained weight! I am just being a GOOD girl and going to ALL my appointments and waiting this 6 months out :)

Ok, ladies and boys! I know this post seems kinda of boring, but it is all I can do for today! I am going to do another BEAUTIFICATION report tomorrow, I think!

I'll share this for today, just something that has been on my HEART!

I was teaching Sunday school on Sunday morning and we have been studying Hebrews. We were in the 12th and 13th chapter and were talking about things that help us endure. There is a long list written in Hebrews. I was reading them out and having the youth raise there hands when I read the one they were going to commit to doing this week. I came across the one that said "show gratitude." That really hit home. You know we don't show GRATITUDE enough.

So many times and occasions we just take for granted that people know we are thankful for them and appreciate them. Just because we think they know doesn't mean they do! I know this sounds simple, but take the time to tell people YOU CARE!

I took on this challenge this week, and it has made a difference. I have taken the time to slow down and make sure people understand just how much I APPRECIATE them! Everyone wants to feel NEEDED and LOVED!

I am reminded of a saying that used to be written on my boss' coomputer as a screen saver.....

I can't remember it exactley but it went something like...

Just because someone is smiling on the outside doesn't mean you know what they are going through on the inside!

Take the TIME to tell someone THANK YOU!

You never know how much that might mean to them!

Thanks for reading ladies and boys!



LDswims said...

Beautiful sentiment and spot on, too! I always equate everything to treat others as you wish to be treated - and since I love compliments and gratitude and affirmation, I try to pay it forward. Usually, what you spread around you get back ten fold, ya know? So doing such things like you suggest actually makes our own lives better, in a plethora of ways. Beautiful sentiment!

Your doggies are so cute. I bet they are fun fun and love to play!

That looks like an azalea in your yard, is it? I love azaleas. Ours are starting to bloom as well - looks like that will occur in stages in our yard and that doesn't bother me a bit!

Mary said...

Love your comments they are always so sweet! My dogs are a BIG mess! But yes they are fun and i LOVE them! I am not sure what it is, azalea? I am horrible with plants, both i LOVE them and always try to grow them! You are so right we should all strive to live by the golden rule :) Thanks again girl!

amandakiska said...

Your dogs are too cute. That little one looks like trouble though!

Sandy Lee said...

What a lovely post. I'll remember to show some gratitude this week. It is something we take for granted sometimes. Thanks for the reminder.

By the way, I am grateful you posted this. Really.

Kim said...

Oh my goodness....those dogs are ADORABLE!!! My husband and I have dog babies too right now :) I love that tree in your front yard, so pretty. Our neighbors have one and I love it! You have such a great attitude! I can't wait until we can meet up!!

Band Groupie said...

Cute pups and a great post! We all need to be reminded to say thanks.

Heather said...

Here is maybe a cheering thought on your 6 month diet. When I started mine (only 3 months THANK GOD!), I was thinking 3 whole months. My surgeon said that they and insurance count months as 6 appointments in 6 different months. So in essence, it would work out as only 5 months because your first appointment counts as a "month!" You might want to check into that. I know I was SUPER excited when they told me.

Michelle said...

I love your puppies. We have an american bulldog and a pug. Love our puppies as well... They are part of our family.. I also love your spring pictures. They are beautiful..

Bonnie said...

I'm right there with you, sister. This 6-month waiting period is for the birds. Good thing you told me the chain on your doggie is only temporary - I had my phone flipped open ready to call SPCA - or is it PETA? Oh well, good thing I don't have to call. :-)

Jenny said...

Love your pics!!

Mary said...

Thanks guys I always LOVE reading comments! Bonnie - that is why I put that! I KNEW someone would think I am a horrible doggie owner, I PROMISE I am a GOOD one! Michelle - I love American Bulldogs! I think they are so PRETTY :) Kim - We have got to meet up! We have so much in COMMON! I can't wait either! Ya'll have a great GOOD FRIDAY!!

Anonymous said...

OMG love the pup!

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