Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello again!

Hello blogger land.....

It has been too long once again!

How is EVERYONE!!!

I see lots of talk about the new group called "BOOBS"!!!! Too, funny! Ya'll's trip sounds awesome, to bad I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO :( Sad I know! I booked mine and my husbands trip to Disney World for July, I am suppose to be BANDED in September would not be a good time to take off work AGAIN!!!! I don't think they will go for it! I do hope ya'll have an awesome time, and maybe someone will think about me!!!!!!!!

I just got caught up reading some blogs and OH MY GOODNESS! How HOT does Amy W look! I just stare at her pictures in Awe!!!!! Seriously how ENCOURAGING! How did she do it? I would faint if my scale every said 189....... I can't even imagine loosing 100 lbs, well even like 75 lbs. I can't even imagine what I would look like, how I would feel!! What would I do with myself?????

I had the busiest weekend EVER...... I played in a basketball tournament for my church. Needless to say my team LOST!!!! I am not very athletic! I am actually horrible at every kind of sport I TRY to play! I tried to play basketball when I was a kid. They would hardly ever let me in the game and when they did I decided it was too much work to run from one side of the court to the other, so I just decided to wait on one side and wait for the team to come back. I didn't get to stay in the game for very long after that!!!!! Anyways, I also tried to start P90X, I think that it was that is called! I made it 6 mins. Yep, I am pretty sure I just made it through the warm up! I am going to try again today!

Ok, I know this was a super boring post so I am going to start on my work "work" now, oh and get some WATER in!



Amy W. said...

Yes. Yes...I knew I loved you! hahah! You are so crazy! I can't imagine weighing 189 either but it happened...which can happen for you! OH YES it can sweet valentine!

I am bummed you can't come to chicago but there is always next year in Florida!

seriously. Thank you.

Kelly said...

I just read about your beautiful babies Ellie Mae and Samson. They are precious! I am a huge dog lover. Hence, the picture of my baby, Bruno as my profile pic.
Anywho, I came across your blog and I applaud you for starting it and documenting everything so far ahead of your surgery date. I hope everything works out well for you and I will keep checking for updates as the big day approaches! Good luck!

Mary said...

Thanks ladies.....

Amy I am being serious you look AMAZING!!!!!! I can only pray I look as good as you when this weight is finally gone BYE BYE!!!!!! I really do STARE at your pictures :)

Kelly I love dogs!!! Your doggie is so cute!!!!! :) Thanks for reading! I am enjoying this long wait until I can have surgery, NOT!!!!

Jenny said...

WTG for playing basketball!! And the Px90, that is hardcore!!

Kim said...

I only lasted the the warm up the first time I tried my exercise gets easier!

Bonnie said...

Hey, it's not whether you win or lose, it's that you played the game - way to go! Sorry you can't make this trip, but Disney is so much fun. We usually go off season, so not sure how it will be in July, but I'm sure you'll have a blast.

Justawallflower said...

So, I realize that I am commenting on all these posts months later, but hey, I'm learning you! lol, anyway, just wanted to say, I LOVE P90X! I only got a month into it the last time I did it, but I am getting ready to start it again!

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