Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Planet Mary

Hello all!

I thought I would talk about some just randomness today..... Well actually that is pretty much what I do every post, anyway on we go!


There has been a lot of talk about skin lately on the blog circuit! Can I just say this is one of things that majorly FREAKS me out! I know there is no way to tell what the outcome will be when you loose massive amounts of weight, but I WISH THERE WAS. I wish there was some kind of magic formula that you could plug in your weight and measurements and just like random stuff and it would tell you how much skin you are going to have to deal with! Anybody with me? I asked my Dr. one time about skin and he said the same old same old.....genes, water, exercise, age, you never know! Can I just go ahead and put it out there that I do not want to have to deal with skin! Lord, I know I have been fat for awhile and haven't taken care of my body the way I should have, but PLEASE let everything shrink back into place......kinda like the way I looked when I was about 21 :) Thanks!


I did go through with it, shocking I know! I walked yesterday and did .8 of a mile! Don't hate! Last week I only did .6! I am moving on up and trying! I walk at my church sometimes. That is where I walked yesterday. It is kinda hilly so it was a work out for me anyways! I won't be able to walk today because I have a Mary Kay meeting after work. Maybe I will try to do some of the P90X again! Maybe I can make it for longer than 6 mins!!!!!!


Yesterday I only drank about 70 oz. not to good ladies! I will try harder today! This morning I messed up! I don't crave Sunkist like somebody I know, but I love orange Fanta! Just love it! I drank one this morning and I shouldn't have! Oh well, I will make up for it in water TODAY!


I have got to get some clothes for my VACATION coming up! Disney in July, I know we are crazy! I think I need a couple pair of shorts and some tank tops. I have a bunch of just like cotton dresses but I might need a couple more! I have gotten to the point where I hate spending money on clothes since I KNOW I will not be wearing this size next summer! If ANYONE has any shorts, tank tops, summer dresses that want to pass on, let me know!!!!!! I wear a size 24 in pants / shorts, XXL or 2X in shirts and the same in dresses! Thanks!


Mary Kay is going kind of wamp wamp :( I have got to get back motivated! I have got to make some extra money for my vacation!!!!!! I am running a sale to get my business moving! 10% off any order!!!!!

Ok, I think that was pretty much enough rambling for today!!! Later today when I get ready (actually put on some makeup) I might post some more before pictures!!!

Thanks for reading ya'll!!!



Carmen said...

i'm down 33 lbs and certain areas are ALREADY a little loose grrrrr but on another blog (jennifer southern belle) i read that your skin goes through a "squishy" phase and then tightens up..I can't wait for that! my double chin my be on it's way out, but the skin still a little saggy :-( looks like it's time to invest in some high powered face stuff :-)

Kim said...

That is great you are getting out there and walking!! I know it can be tough to get motivated. I want to go to Disney so bad!!! You will have a blast! I use Mary Kay...do you have a website?

Mary said...

Thanks girls!

Kim my website is marykay.com/catsellers i wish you could go to Disney with us!!! You could be our tour guide! We are staying at not my favorite place, but Pop Century. We have stayed at the Carribean before and loved it! Give me some good pointers or things you wouldn't miss!!!!

Anyone who orders off the website will get 10% off there first order!!!

Leslie said...

I adore Disney!! Do you know of the disboards.com website? Lots of useful information and trip reports.

My favorite resort is Port Orleans Riverside. Pop Century isn't my favorite place either but it's better than not going to Disney!

I've been thinking about skin a lot lately. I really hope that I don't have to deal with it either. Yuck.

DawnB said...

Yes. I think about the skin too. My upper arms already have bat wings & it creeps me out!

Kelly said...

I am totally freaked out by the skin thing too. I really don't want to have plastic surgery. But I say that now, 1 month after having Lap Band surgery. Perhaps in a couple of years when I look really good, I will want plastic surgery to make me look even better.

Bonnie said...

One of the reasons I chose Lapband over Bypass is because I hoped losing weight slower would lessen the chance of loose skin. I know that weight lifting doesn't help with skin, but I'm hoping that it will help tone me as I lose weight and help with the sag. I'm going to a Mary Kay party Friday night. I'll make sure when I need to reorder I keep you in mind.

Jenny said...

Living in FL, you are crazy for going to Disney in July-but you will have a blast!!!

Mary said...

Jenny - I know :) My husband and my sister's husband only gets one vacation week a year and it is the 4th of July. It is the only time we get to take vacation!!!!!!! We are just going to buckle down and hit Disney wide open! Pray for us!!!

Jess said...

Hello dear Mary! Well I am right there with ya on the whole "not drinking enough" water issue and drinking bad things (yes, mine is sunkist, dang!) Also on the skin thing. Initially I wasn't very worried about having the skin problem because I didn't have an extreme amount to lose but I can honestly say that I am worried now, too. I have loss barely 20 lbs (without the gains) and already my skin is loose. I might post some pics of this problem. But then again I have not worked out AT ALL besides walking. So it's my own fault, I'm sure. Just keep up the exercise and you might be surprised.

Mary said...

Thanks girls......I haven't been banded yet so I am going to try to exercise as much as I can starting NOW!!!!! Hopefully that will help!

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