Thursday, April 29, 2010

La La La La La La

I am in a great mood today!
I had a wonderful day yesterday! I went to Florence with my Mom, my sister Mandy, and baby Praislyn! We went to see my SWEET sister MEAGAN! Wow, I miss her SO much!
I had a chance to share with my fam about my blog and all the wonderful friends I had meet through my blog! Meagan was super excited about it and wanted me to blog about HER! She is so funny!!!!!! You just have to know me and my sisters! We are a mess together! Her is a pic from our lunch yesterday! I will not tell ya'll where we ate or what I ate but I will tell you that is was REALLY BAD and would defiantly be X-RATED FOOD PORN :)

I know she is sickening BEAUTIFUL!!!! She is a majorette at The University of North Alabama, she is graduating in December with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, and she is in a sorority called Phi Mu (? hope I am getting that right?)!!!!!!! Can ya'll tell that I love her and am so proud of her!

She wanted me to do a blog about her weight problems! I at first laughed at her and told her yeah right, but then I remembered what a struggle weight is for her! I might let her do a post about her struggles and insecurities! I think she is beautiful and has a banging body, but she has worked very hard for it!

You know thinking about Meagan, when someone first glances at her, they might not realize what struggles she faces daily with weight challenges and pressures from society to look perfect.

You never know what someone might be going through on the inside while their smiling on the outside!

I AM going to ask her to do a post about some of the challenges she has faced! She has lost a ton of weight since high school, and she continues to battle her weight!!!

I am so thankful my family is so supportive of this whole process! Every time I see them they are always wanting to know all of the details and whats going on and how much progress I have made! They are so encouraging as well as ALL OF YOU!!!!!

Sometimes I think about this blog and how HARD it is to wait so long for this surgery that I day dream about daily! I will not let myself get discouraged! I really don't have that much longer. I have 4 regular Dr. appointments left (May, June, July, & August), I have my sleep study (I have yet to make the appointment & I have GOT to get that done!), I have the light down my throat test (again I have GOT to make THAT appointment), I have my nutritional appointment, I have my support group meeting, and I have my pre-op appointment! Ok, maybe I shouldn't have typed that out, it seemed shorter in my MIND!!!!!!

Thanks for reading ya'll!!!!


Kim said...

That is wonderful your family is so supportive. I think it helps so much when your family is supportive. These next 4 months are going to fly by for you!! You are doing awesome!

Jacquie said...

I have news for and your sister look very much alike so that would make you SICKENING beautiful also!

Mary said...

Awe......Jacquie that was so SWEET! It made my day! About 100 lbs ago we got asked if we were twins all the time!!!!

Meagan Malone said...

sissy that was so sweet! I love you very much and can not tell you how proud I am of you. thanks for writting about me:) you are right most people probably look at me and laugh when I tell them I have a serious weight problem! if they only knew! well I love you and I will post soon on all those issues love you have a great day can not wait to see you soon!

Jenny said...

I love your attitude! I totally agree that we don't always know whats going on in someome's life. Things seem "perfect" but they rarely are. And Jac is right, you do look a lot alike!!

Nella said...

You guys are great! So happy I stumbled upon your blog! Both oh so gorgeous and I am saying a little prayer that insurance company approves FAST and gets you on this amazing journey!

Jess said...

That is so great that you have such a strong connection with them! It's so important to have that and your sis is very beautiful but she is a perfect example of never judging a book by its cover. Looking at her you would think skinny comes easy (that would have been my first guess). We all struggle in something! Thanks for sharing.

River said...

Now that's a "guess post" I would love to read. I think part of it is when you care for the blogger you care for the people they care for :)

I love your attitude, your smile (that's how I always imagine you) and all the rest of it. and I fell in love with your new background! It's so perfect for you and I have to add it's sooo fun to look at!

amandakiska said...

Sisters are awesome!

Drazil said...

OMG - you totally look like her. I knew it was your sister before you even said it was. You're lucky to have each other. Smooches.

Mary said...

Ya'll are TOO kind! I love you all!!!!

Cindylew said...

Hang in there'll be banded before you know it.
You're so lucky to have the great family you have.

Amy said...

HEY! Just a quick note to let you know I have a bunch of sisterhood clothes available. I am not sure what size you wear, but I think we might be in the same ballpark (gosh, there is no delicate way to say that!). Check it out if you have a chance!

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