Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jibber Jabber form an absent blogger :)

Ya'll please forgive me for not posting in so long!

I am really sorry, I have just been kinda MA!

Please don't think I haven't been reading posts, because I have, I just haven't been commenting like I should!

This post is just going to be some major ramblings from me!

I am not promising it will make any sense!

So, what has been going on lately with Mary?

I booked a VACATION! Yay! I am so excited. I booked a trip to Disney World! I am kinda worried about it since I am so...... how do I say this nicely FAT! Has anyone else done Disney as a big girl, I mean BIG GIRL! Since I am constantly worried about seats and my booty not fitting in them I found this website which was really helpful! Here is the link
It is a website that has the picture of the SEAT for almost every ride at Disney! How cool is that! After reading all these big girl encounters from this site it seems like I will be ok! I need some advice from people I know though also, and since ya'll are all my best friends I thought I would ask ya'll! So who has done Disney big girl style!

I have been really down about my weight lately. I can this be possible from sunny side up Mary? Well I just have been. I want to loose like 20 lbs before I go to Disney in July! I have been trying so hard this week....counting calories, drinking like almost 100 oz of water a day, no cokes........ Has any of this paid off NO!!!!!!!!!!! I exercised 4 times last week!!!!!!!!!! I have taken up the SPORT of TENNIS! You heard me right this athletically challenged GIRLY GIRL has been playing tennis! Has any of THIS paid off NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow this is starting to sound like a MEAN post! Sorry ya'll! Guess what I went to the Dr today for my 3 nutritional vist, and drum roll please.................................I have gained 3 lbs! Yay for me!

Oh, by the way I just realized I have never told ya'll what I weigh! How could I have left that out.........maybe because I am unsure about posting my weight on the INTERNET!!!! Well, maybe nobody I know will read this blog........ As of TODAY I way (should have read my blog that day!!!!! Now you'll never know!) lbs :(

I am just down about my weight and this surgery. If I am trying to loose weight now and I can't even drop 5 lbs........How is this band ever going to help me? I hear all these people say I had the hardest time with weight I could ALWAYS loose it but could never KEEP it off! That is why the band has helped me so much....I can finally keep the weight off!

How is the band going to work for me if I can not even loose the weight to begin with............I don't have to worry about keeping it off it NEVER goes AWAY!

If ya'll can't tell I NEED ENCOURAGEMENT!

I also ran across a not so nice blog. I was trying to search to see if there were any other bloggers from my state Alabama. I came across a not so band friendly blog! It was a typical band HORROR story........Someone she had known had the band and in 3 years had gotten esophageal (sp???) cancer. She was warning people that had the band how horrible it was. Of course that FREAKED me out! I know nothing like that is going to happen to me, because I have been in PRAYER about this surgery for forever and I have FAITH in GOD! But, that is kinda scary! I talked to my Dr. about that today and she assured me I had nothing to worry about! Have any of you ladies EVER heard anything about THAT before?

So any way ladies I NEED ya'lls HELP!

I apologize for being a BAD blogger and am really SORRY!

I need some good stern talking to in the comments, they need to go something like THIS....Mary you are great and wonderful and you are just getting frustrated because you are 3 months into your 7 month diet plan! This band is going to work for you and you are going to look so awesome by this time next year! Now go put on your big girl panties and get on with this program........You need to keep drinking tons of water and I am SURE you will loose some weight by the time you go to Disney! Oh, and you will be able to ride everything at Disney, why wouldn't you be able too? There is nothing for you to worry about!!!!!! You CAN DO THIS!!!! You go GIRL!

Thanks ya'll!

Mary :)


Camille said...

I started playing tennis 6 years ago, and it has become one of my favorite things to do. I actually got banded because I wanted me knees to not hurt when I played. I am SUPER excited for you. You are gonna love it. Stop worrying and go have fun.

Michelle said...

Our bodies need to adjust. I worry on and off if I did the right thing, but in the end I am happy I did it. You can do this. We all can. It just takes time and patience. Sending you a hug... forget about the scale for a while...

Sandy Lee said...

Everything you said in the last para and...

You will do so well with the band. I was 209 pounds at the start but am already down 25 pounds without doing too much. Reading all the other blogs, you will see there are others who started at your weight and did it and so will you.

Can I come to Disney with you--it is my most favourite place in the world. There are so many rides that I wouldn't worry about the seats. And the walking you will do--you need to get out now and start some walking so you can get to all the parks everyday and not be exhausted.

As to esophageal cancer-I had such bad reflux because of a hiatus hernia that I was at high risk. They fixed the hiatus hernia when I was banded and now have NO reflux. I can sleep the night and my risk is almost zero. That person probably would have gotten cancer even without the band.

Cheer up, young lady--you are going to Disney!!! And you will have so much fun and then you will get the band. You are almost halfway there.

The waiting must be so hard. Being self-pay, I didn't have to go through the long waiting period but now I can't afford Disney--did I say it is the most magical place on earth. I cried walking down Mainstreet.

Jennifer said...

Okay Mary...let's have a talk.

First things first. I MISSED YOU!
Now, you need to cheer up. YOU are going to be a band rock-star. The band is going to work for you. It worked for me. Did I ever tell you I weighed 306 lbs? I did. Today, I'm at 231. Yep, in 11 months, I lost 75 lbs. And I'm not even close to done yet. You are going to be me in 1 year. I want you to close your eyes and think about that. Try to imagine how much better you will feel. You are going to have the freedom and energy that you never thought you'd have. And I mean freedom from thinking about food all the time & freedom from all that weight. It's like nothing else I've ever experienced in my life. Some days I could cry for happiness. Sometimes I do.
IF all that didn't work to inspire you, I could post some before/after photos for you. Now you don't want to make me do that now do you? (Say no, say no!)

amandakiska said...

Oh Mary sweetie...First of all the lap band DOES NOT cause cancer of ANY kind. That person would have gotten cancer no matter what. I am assuming they were blaming the cancer on acid refulx. The band shouldn't contribute to reflux either unless it is over-filled and then you need to have some fluid let out.

Second of all, Disney is very fat-friendly. I have never been to Disney World, but I have been to Disney Land and I had no problems whatsoever with fitting on rides. All the rides are designed to hold big people, disabled people, and everyone else. You will have a WONDERFUL time at Disney World. If you are flying, you may have to get a seat-belt extension on the plane, but if you ask ahead of time, no one will even know.

amandakiska said...

Also as for the weight gain, I think that just shows that you need a lap band! You can do it. You just need this tool!

Jennifer said...

Oh, and I gained weight on the 6 month insurance required diet too. I have no good advice for you there. Sorry!

Jenny said...

Ok, You can totally do this!!!! Look at how far you have come-we will all have times like this. Keep Moving Foward!!! You are a rockstar!

PS. Disney will be awesome! And you will meet your goal and then some by the time of your trip!!!!

-Grace- said...

You will be able to do this!!! I had these same doubts (and still do).
I lost some weight pre-band & then gained it back with a bit more. Since I started my pre-op diet (about 3 weeks ago) I have lost over 20 lbs.

Also, you are going to be in the Happiest Place on Earth! Just focus on mini-goals :) It's less overwhelming.

Yvonne said...
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Yvonne said...

I wrote a comment thinking you were banded already - whoops. You are so close to getting under that 300 pound mark and that will be a great achievement when it happens. Don't let little gains bring you down as we all have them!!! This weight is going to come off!!!!

Kim said...

Mary - you are doing awesome!!! I know the 6 month "diet" is hard, but you will get through it I know you will. You are a great person and you will rock the band when you get it.

Ok, I grew up in Orlando and pretty much spent every weekend at Disney. Disney is very big girl friendly, trust me. I started out much bigger than you and still weigh more than you do right now and was perfectly able to go on every ride there. I even got married at Disney!!! I guess I am a bit of a fanantic, but not the crazy kind!! I am so jealous that you get to go....I want to go with you and be your personal tour guide :) Let me know if you need any tips....I know that place like the back of my hand!!!

Mary said...

Thank ya'll SO much! I can breathe again! Ya'll are awesome!

Dirttrackdiva said...

keep your head up girlfriend. this is going to be just fine for you. i tried every diet known to man as well and lost tons of pounds, but kept gaining them all back. right now with the band, i've lost 47 pounds in a little less than a year. but i've kept it off and that's the main thing. what i've lost i've kept off. that's the big thing here. we all know we can lose weight, that isn't the point, it's keeping it off we've had the issues with.
as far as disney goes. remember, you said it in your post, this is a VACATION. i would treat it as such. don't worry about anything but having a good time. then get back on track when you get home. you'll get so much exercise walking around disney that you won't have to worry about working out. take a pedometer, you'll be surprised how much you walk in a day.
post pics when you get home.

~ Katie ~ said...

Hi Mary! i just found your blog..thanks for subscribing to mine :) Anyway! I just wanted to let you know- I am one of those people who could never lose the weight- no matter what I did it just did not come off. I finally had lapband and I am here to say,that I have lost 25 lbs...and it's stayed off too. There will be ups and downs with the process. Sometimes you'll lose, sometimes you won't. As long as you're committed to getting to a healthier you...that's all that matters. Good luck with your journey and welcome to the club :)

DawnB said...

Honestly Mary, I could have written this - as a matter of fact I did write something similar about a month after being banded. The advise I got was follow the band rules, keep doing what you're doing, you are bound to see results,& the band works in mysterious ways. After all that, I started seeing losses that made no sense. I would lose a pound one week - then 3 the next. All the while my DH - who was banded on the same day as me is losing 4 lbs a week!!!
Hang in there, keep blogging & do all the great things that you are to make yourself healthy!

Mary said...

Katie - So glad you couldn't loose weight either, well not glad but you get what I mean! I worry about that all the time bc it seems like everyone else could loose tons of weight on weight watchers or whatever and just had a hard time keeping it off! I can not loose weight to begin with! It is so hard!!!! I am so glad someone else is saying....Hey I couldn't loose any weight on own eihter! Thank you! I am glad I found your blog!

Dawn - Your a sweetie....Thank you!

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