Monday, March 29, 2010

This one is really LATE and for DRAZIL :)

Ok, so I KNOW I commented on one of our fellow bloggers posts that as SOON as I got back from LUNCH on FRIDAY i was going to answer the questions from DRAZIL'S post....


When I got back from lunch my computer had a virus or something and it wouldn't let me do ANYTHING.

I eventually had to call the computer tech guy to come FIX my computer!

So, here we go, the PROMISED post!

1. If you could change your first name would you, and what would it be?

I would never change my name. By now you ALL know I LOVE myself, and my NAME is also included in that LOVE. My full name is MARY CATHERINE MALONE SELLERS. Mary Catherine is my favorite name! I thank my mom all the time for naming me that! I would never change it, and also I WISH people would still call me that. Over the years it has been shortened to Mary, Mary Cat, or just Cat!

2. Why are man cover holes round?

Honestly, I have NO idea, and can I just say I have never even thought about that! I am too much in La La land to even recognize they are ROUND!

3. What are your biggest pet peeves?

Now that I am actually thinking about this, I don't know. I say the phrase "that gets on my nerves" so many times a day I might have to many to process! Gosh, even me not knowing the answer to that is getting on my nerves!

4. If you could be a car what would you be?

??? I don't even know what kind of car I own! JOKING! I do know what kind it is! I am SO not a car person. I can't even name something "cool" because I know nothing about cars! Oh, don't they say cars typically look like their owners. Ummm, maybe that is not true maybe that is dogs. Anyways! It would be something with a big back end!!!! My car would def have some booty!

5. What's the biggest thing you have learned from a blog this week?

I TON of stuff! I read so many blogs and seriously LEARN from each and EVERYONE of YOU! If I haven't ever told ya'll THANK YOU!

Thanks for reading ya'll!

Mary Catherine :)


Drazil said...

Alright Mama Pimp forgives you - you're back to being a good ho-bag! LOL We love you too MARY CATHERINE!

Mary said...

You crack me up! You are TOO funny!

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