Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Realize Band


Hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far!

Guess what?

I met my DOCTOR yesterday!


He was so NICE!

I was so NERVOUS!

I was actually so nervous I totally forgot ANY and ALL important questions I should have been asking! The only question I could really remember to ask was about my HAIR! Which, he probably thought that was kanda weird that my major concern would be about my hair!

He told me everything looked great, and that if my insurance company didn't make me wait 6 months he would operate on me tomorrow!

That made me feel a little bit better!

He also told me he would be putting a REALIZE BAND IN. He thought it would probably be an 11cc band. Hope I am saying this right. I am not down with all the band lingo yet.

I was a little surprised by this though! I knew he preferred the Realize Band, but never thought that he was probably going to be putting that type in me.

Anybody with a Realize Band, let me know how you like it! :) Oh, and if that sounds right, the 11cc!

He told me all about the horrible stuff that "could" happen, and asked me if I had any questions about that part. I answered with a firm "NO!" He asked why? I just simple told him, "NONE of THAT stuff is happening to me!"

I asked him about the dreaded skin........ and he answered just how I knew he would. It is all about genes, age, water, and exercise!

I told him what a total chicken I am, and what a HUGE step it was for me to even come THIS far! He asked me if I was going to back out? I told him not now, but the day of the "PROCEDURE" I couldn't make ANY PROMISES!

He said he wouldn't let me back out that far into it, he said HE would even come to MY HOUSE to get me! Now that is great service!

When we were almost done he told me he couldn't wait to operate on me! I asked, WHY? He said you seem FUNNY and you have never had any SURGERIES, this ought to be FUN!!!!!!!

I have a funny story to tell ya'll tomorrow! It totally has MARY written all over it! The DOCTOR thought it was HILARIOUS also!

Thanks for reading ya'll!



Janelle said...

I have that band, haven't had any fills or anything yet, so my experience is limited. But, so far so good lol.

Amy W. said...

I am so happy you did go through with your appt! I like docs with a sense of humor...they make me smile! If you think of any questions, write them down for next time!

amandakiska said...

My lap band surgery was my first surgery too. It was a piece of cake. I know it will be great for you too!

Jenny said...

Ha! Glad you liek your doc!! I was wondering what the real difference between LB adn Realize is other than the name-

DawnB said...

DH & I have the 11cc Realize Band. My surgeon said he can "install" this band in 2 minutes because of the tool that is used. The LapBand must be stitched in. Other than that, he said there is really no difference in terms of success rates of his patients. I got my 1st fill on March 1st -4cc's.

Kristen said...

Hey Mary!! Are you using Miles or Schmitt? I couldnt remember. Im glad the appointment went well and hopefully it will be a breeze from here on out until the surgery :) I have the realize band that holds 11 cc's. You must have Schmitt because thats the only band he uses!! Have a good night!

Debi said...

So glad to hear that your appointment went well.

I agree with Amy, if you think of any questions that you want to ask, write them down. I had to as well, or I would forget! But really, most if not all of my questions were answered just reading everyone's blogs!!

My Surgeon gave me the choice of which Band I wanted, but there isn't too much difference in them.

Mainly, the only difference is how they are attached and the Realize Band is a single section tubing, whereas the LB has smaller sections that are attached around the Band.

Mary said...

Thank guys for all the comments! Ya'll make me feel so much better about this whole situation!!!! Kristen, I am using Miles. Did you use Schmitt? I really liked Miles he seemed nice and funny!!!! Hope ya'll have a blessed awesome day!!!!

Kim said...

Hi!! I just saw that you are following my blog! It is so great to see a fellow Bama Bander on here! I used Dr. Schmitt, but have heard wonderful things about Dr. Miles! I am really looking forward to hearing all about your journey. I have have a Realize band and love it!

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