Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Have you ever done illegal drugs?

Have you ever done illegal drugs?

That was one of the questions I HAD to answer on the paperwork I HAD to fill out for my Lap Band Doctor.


I am so honest it sometimes is not a good thing!

MY answer....... And yes, I REALLY did write this down on the paperwork!

I did do some illegal drugs when I was a teenager. It was when I was like 16/17/18 years old. I feel really bad about it. I used to smoke pot and some pills like zanax and stuff. Sometimes when I used to smoke pot it would make me go crazy. Like get paranoid and black out and stuff. I think I have adverse reactions to illegal drugs. I changed my life, found JESUS! Please don't think bad of me!

Yes, Ladies. I really wrote this and turned it in!

Good thing my Doctor has an AWESOME sense of HUMOR!

He laughed and LAUGHED!

He told me not to worry. When he was getting his medicine licencure he was asked that same question, have you ever done illegal drugs. He marked NO without thinking. He went through the whole interview process and they never mentioned it. He started thinking about it and realized he hadn't told the truth because he had smoked pot in college. He actually felt so bad about it 3 days later he called the interviewer back and confessed! They told him everything was fine!!!!

So, that is why he thought it was so funny that I answered like that!!!!

I guess we have honesty in common!

Thanks for reading ya'll!



Carmen said...

lol i think that these days one would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't TRIED one drug at least once in their life! at least people in our generation :-)

Jenny said...

Awe! For me it was never a thing-but I think most people have. Sounds like you have a great doc-

I think its funny that he called them to confess.

Jennifer said...

That is a funny story...he called to confess.
I love how sweet you are..."please don't think bad of me."
I was asked but I'd never tried anything...heck, I'm afraid of too much Tylenol!

Jess said...

Ha ha...that's pretty funny. You know I marked no, too and I didn't even think about the whole 3 times of smoking MJ. I hate I didn't hesitate marking NO but it wasn't exactly honest! Way to go Mary!

Drazil said...

I hate questions like that....they make my palms sweat....just because....I once snorted a Skittle - does that count?

WAY TO GO telling the truth! We all still love you!

Mary said...

Thanks guys! I ALWAYS think honesty is the best answer EVEN if it does make you seem like a CRAZY PERSON! :)

Justawallflower said...

Oh my, that is so funny! I am the same way about honesty. If I even think about telling a lie my face turns red and I start to sweat. My heart is racing right now just thinking about it!

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