Monday, November 1, 2010

weekend ROLL out...

Hi guys, it's Monday again!

Why do the weekends always have to come to an end?

I had a super busy weekend again! My life story!

I didn't get too many pics this weekend, but I'll do a quick run down!

I called this post weekend Roll out for a reason......

Our house got rolled this weekend!

Luckily they did a horrible job and it wasn't a big mess!

Now that I think about it, do ya'll roll houses and yards in other places or is this just an Alabama thing??????? When we roll yards in Alabama we go buy lots of toilet paper and through it all in the trees in people's yards! Here is some pics.......They did a really bad job! I feel sorry for them because My husband and I can roll a lot better than them........and of course we will get them back! We already know exactly who did it! A couple kids from our church's youth group!!!!!!!

See I told you it wasn't too bad! I thought it was kinda funny!!!!! Ya'll let me know if ya'll roll houses in other places!
Here are some pics of us at dinner on Saturday night. We went with Anthony's sister to celebrate her husbands birthday!

Ant's sister and her husband!

Ant and I........I look really weird in this pic :(

That's about the round up of my weekend! I did church all day Saturday because we had a work day there so I was really tired from that. Then, on Sunday of course I did church all day again!!!! I made time this weekend to record a short video that I will post sometime this week! I also have plans to do a video on facial highlighters!!!!!!! Ya'll have a great day!!!!
Toodles Poodles! ;)


Sparkler said...

Make sure you post pics of the revenge...I want to see how it SHOULD be done! lol

Heather said...

We do that here in Southern Illinois too!

amandakiska said...

In the Pacific NW we call that (pronouced teepee-ing).

Kajun said...

they don't do it as much here anymore because it has become a big issue and have had arrests in recent years.

Darlin1 said...

In So Cal we call it TPing also----And yes when my oldest played football the cheerleaders did all the TPing ;-)

Christina said...

I wish our house got rolled... we only ever got egged! And THAT was a mess to clean up, especially if we didn't find it until after it dried :(

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