Monday, November 8, 2010

the post you have all been waiting for....

Hello sweet blogger friends! It's Monday get happy!! :)

I am down an official 38 lbs this am!

Oh, and it is the first real day of the holiday challenge! I am motivated and that is a good thing!

I went for a fill on Thursday. My second fill! Guess what it didn't hurt! I was so relieved! Pain free! I don't know what happened the first time? Craziness I swear! All was good and just like I had expected I was down 6 lbs. It had been exactly 4 weeks since my first fill, so everyone was pleased. I had 4 cc's in the band from the first the first fill and they put in an additional 1 cc. So, now I am up to 5 cc's! I am feeling great. No problems since the fill. I am not really able to eat as much as I was eating but that's a good thing! I am still able to eat things I shouldn't eat though.....last night at about 9:00 Ant decided to order a pizza. Boo.....I know! I wasn't even hungry but I managed to eat like 4 bites of a cheese stick bread and all, and the topping only off 1 piece!!!!! I know I was being such a bad girl!!!!!

When I was at the Dr. they were asking me questions about how much I ate...yadda, yadda, yadda. I was telling them that I was hungry all the time, could eat anything (disclaimer....I am really not hungry all the time and I really can't eat anything I want - I was making sure I was going to get that fill! And, trust me at my conservative Dr.'s office you have to act like this or they will send you right back out that door with no fill!) The nurse told me to make sure I never ate over 1 cup of food no matter if I was still hungry or not. I knew that I wasn't suppose to eat more than a cup, but I didn't know I was never suppose to eat more than that even if I could. They told me to never eat more than a cup because it could stretch out my esophagus and could eventually cause problems with the band!

In conclusion, I am back to measuring everything! I even carry a measuring cup in a zip lock bag in my purse! I am hard core ;)

Things I have decided to get serious about for this next month until I go back to the Dr....

water, I know I am not drinking enough.

measuring, have got to keep doing better at this!

All in all it was a great visit! The Dr. was super excited about my progress! 38 lbs. is deff a VICTORY! Now, I have to get rid of these pesky 2 lbs to reach 40 lbs down! Then, I have 10 lbs to loose to make my next goal!

I can do this! We ALL can!


amandakiska said...


Silverhairedgoddess said...

Good going - 38 pounds down - keep up the good work

Kristen said...

Sounds like a great appointment! And don't worry about lying about how hungry you are all the time- I had to do that also in order to get fills! Glad this fill didn't hurt as bad as the first- they seem to get easier with time!

Maria said...

Great job, Mary!

Something About Kellie said...

Well done on the 38 pounds! :)

Maria said...

Yay on the 38 lbs! It's amazing how this band works! congrats!

cowchipper said...

I haven't had a fill yet. My stomach growls every now and then but usually about the 4hours after I ate and it is time to eat again. I did have to go in 3 days after surgery to get an UNfill. they took out what they had in there because I couldn't even keep liquid down. Im down 55 now.... trying to catch up with you! :) congrats and "QUIT eating breads,pasta or rice!!>>>LOL" :P

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