Monday, September 20, 2010


It feels like it has been a decades ince I have written a post. I am sorry! Life just gets in the way sometimes!

I am in band HELL. Ya'll know what I am talking about!!!! Seriously.

I had my surgery August 12. I have had no fill, my first one is scheduled for September 27. I have lost 25lbs. so far. I don't think that is something to shout about :( The scale has not moved in over a week. I am starting to have I doing this right thoughts. I try so hard. I feel like I am eating to much. I have never had a "stress / PB" episode or anything like that. I try to never eat more than 1 cup / 8 oz (by volume) per meal. I just feel like I am eating too much! I really do not want to mess this up! I am just HUNGRY. Bottom line! I doing this right? I just don't want to fail at this!!!!!!!!

Send me encouragement! I need it! ;)


amandakiska said...

Good to hear from you! Wow your weight loss is fantastic!

I think if you are hungry all the time, you are not eating enough. Stick to the 8 oz. serving at meal times and add in some snacks in between meals. Choose high protein options whenever possible - cheese sticks, greek yogurt, hardboiled egg, etc. Try to avoid the empty calories and eat the healthiest foods you can. But be reasonable and remember that your band is not yet working the way it was intended to work. Right now you are doing this pretty much on your own.

There is no "wrong" way. This isn't another diet that you can fail at. This is real life, forever. Sometimes you will make great choices, sometimes not so much. Once you have good restriction, it gets much easier. In the meantime, practice the good habits that will help you succeed!

Stephanie said...

You don't think a 25 lb loss in less than 2 months is something to shout about? You are in bandster hell so you need to eat small meals to stay full until that first fill. Honestly, if you set expectations too high (like 25 lbs not being enought of a loss) you will be in for a wake up when you really do plateau. You are doing fine...:)

Mary said...

Thanks girls! I know I have lost a lot of weight! It just gets hard......I am very proud and thankful for the 25 lbs! I sometimes just get lost reading these blogs of all these awesome super star losers and just get maybe I am not doing enough! Thanks!!! :)

Bonnie said...

You are doing awesome - especially with no fill. I've lost 27 lbs in 2 months and think that is pretty damn good, so you are doing especially well. Don't get discouraged - some people might lose faster than you, but don't let that get you down. As long as I'm losing, that's enough for me.

LDswims said...

You are doing amazing! 25 lbs in just slightly over a month? That's incredible! Especially during bandster hell.

Bandster hell sucks. If you get hungry, you've waited too long to eat. Let yourself have the snacks and keep the hunger on your schedule. The snacks will probably go away with fills. This isn't a race but a way to lose weight with control and ultimately a tool to help you maintain. Go for the protein like Amandakiska said. If you are worried about increasing the calories too much, try 6oz at meals (3/4 cups) and then 2 oz for a snack. Sometimes just spacing out the exact same food is enough to make a difference.

But go easy on yourself! Bandster hell is exactly that...

Congratulations on your progress! That's amazing!

Kim said...

You are doing great!!! 25 lbs in 2 months is awesome, I wish I could do that!! Are we still on for lunch next Monday? I hope so!!

Beth said...

25 pounds is A-mazing, dont be so hard on yourself. This weight loss thing is a marathon, not a sprint and you are and will continue to go in the right direction so dont sweat it too much, just remember not to stress about it just keep chugging along

Michelle said...

Wow! Seems like your doing great to me! 25lbs is wonderful. Don't be so hard on yourself, the scale may not move but you are losing inches. Remember that.

Christine said...

When is your first fill appointment? It sounds like you're ready! I think losing 25 pounds so far is terrific. You're losing, and steadily. That's the name of the game chicky.

In the meantime, I have a blog award for you!


Jess said...

You really are making terrific progress. It took me months and months to lose that much and I am teetering at 27lbs lost 7 months post op. So consider yourself lucky, kiddo! Keep up the good work!

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