Wednesday, September 22, 2010

who is in charge of these sizes?

Geez! Who is in charge if sizes these days?

I have great news! After I got on my blog and complained that I wasn't loosing weight anymore....I had a 2 lb. drop! Yay! My new total is official 27 lbs. I am so satisfied with that! I feel great!

Even though I have lost nearly 30 lbs. I am still wearing the same clothes that I wore on any given day when I weighed 310 lbs. :( Am I EVER going to go down in a size? I feel like my clothes fit me fine. My faithful skinny jeans are a little loose...I have to pull them up every time I get up! A lot of butt crack going on these days! But really, in all honesty, my clothes fit fine. It is hard for me to imagine how I squeezed in these clothes when I did weigh 310 lbs. Goodness, now that I think about it, they must have been really tight! ;) Oooopppsss!

Anyway, since I have been thinking about sizes lately I thought I would share this.

I pretty much associate everything in my life with what I had on that day / how much I weighed that day / what size my clothes were that day. Does anyone else do that? Like the day I got married I weighed 230 lbs. My wedding dress was a size 22 that had to be altered down because I lost a little bit of weight before my wedding day! The day my sister got married I weighed 260 lbs. I wore a size 22. The day I meet Anthony I weighed 160 lbs. I wore a size 12 / 14. The day I graduated from high school I weighed 163 lbs. I remember I shopped at Abercrombie and Fitch for my senior trip I bought all sizes 12 / 14's. On our, Ant and I, first year anniversary , cruise to Mexico, I weighed 290 lbs. I wore probably a 22. When we got married, at 230 lbs, I wore a size 20.

Sizes are just so weird. It seems like they are never the same. Like, the last time I weighed 283 lbs. it seems like a size 22 fit with no problems. Today at 283 lbs. - they are a tight fit! Craziness I tell you!

Which brings me to the point that I don't think I really wore a size 24 at 310 lbs. before I had surgery. I think I could squeeze into a size 24 (STRETCH) from Old Navy, but I don't think I actually wore a true size 24. I think I probably wore a 26 or maybe even a 28!

I really hate this vanity sizing thing! It just messes up everything for someone loosing weight, but for someone gaining weight it makes a lot of sense!


Kristen said...

oh mary, you are doing fantastic! Let me tell you something- sizing drove me INSANE! I feel like I was in a size 18 for 6 months even after dropping 40-50lbs. When you are in the larger sizes it takes a lot more weight to drop a size but once you get into 16's and 14's every 10lbs or so I find I drop a size. Hang in there, the sizes will start to change soon and once they do you'll be a shopping addict needing new pants every couple of months!

LDswims said...

Right there with ya. Day I was discharged from the Navy - 163, size 12. Day I enlisted in the Navy - 135 size 10. Day I finished bootcamp - 142 size 10. Day I met my husband - 215 size 18. Day I got married - 235 size 18. Day I decided enough was enough - 264 size 20. Certain things stick in the head.

I'm also right there with ya on vanity sizing. I've decided I won't be shopping at places I know utilizie vanity sizing anymore, either, because I'm afraid of what it will do to my psyche. I know that takes Old Navy off the list. That's ok by me.

Amy said...

Oh, darling, sizing sucks! I lost 50+ lbs before I really went down a size. Even now, 119 lbs down, I've only gone from a very tight 28 to a very tight 20. It's true - the bigger sizes take longer to drop. Unfortunately... :(

The good news is you don't have to spend any money right now and can save it for a huge shopping spree when you hit GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

You are doing awesome!!! Sizing does suck, but it will get better!!

Bonnie said...

Totally correlate size with events. I've lost 27 lbs and I haven't gone down a size yet either. However, I try to calm myself by saying that I'm losing from all over my body so hopefully I'll at least stay in proportion while I'm losing. I totally wouldn't want to lose the weight from one place or I might tip over. :)

Michelle said...

First off congrats on your 2 lb loss, your doing a wonderful job!

And second does anyone ever reeeeally wear the size that they truely are. When I was wearing a size 18 I honestly don't think I was an 18 I was a 20. Cause 18's fit but I had the whole muffin top going on and 20's were good fit. Size is crazy indeed!

Justawallflower said...

I am currently having issues with pant sizes! I have two pairs of pants, both the same size. One falls off of me, I have to constantly pull them up. I can wear them at home, but gave up wearing them at work because they are to big a pain, the other pair, same size, creates muffin top!!!! what is up with that!?

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