Wednesday, August 25, 2010

low fat cream soup = yuckey

Hello Everyone!

I am doing great! Still on liquids, but guess what tomorrow I go to mushies! I am so nervous about this.....I know really weird. I am almost just scared of food now. I have been on liquids for so long now, it's just weird. This is the 23 day of my liquid diet. I am so worried that I will gain weight when I go to mushies. Or, that even worse I'll stop loosing weight! Did anyone else feel like this? I am almost a little tiny bit disappointed in my weight loss so far. I have done great so far, I think. I have lost a total of 18 lbs. total this far. I haven't lost any since Sunday. I haven't cheated AT ALL. The only thing that I kind of bent the lines on was I had apple sauce - no sugar added - twice. I didn't really see why that would hurt, because I was allowed to eat sugar free pudding. I don't consider apple sauce a heavier texture than pudding, so I ok'd it :) The only thing I have differently the past couple of days is I really haven't been eating anything, including my protein shakes. I know that is horrible, but I was just getting SO SICK of protein shakes, broth or really any soup, pudding, and yogurt. A girl can only eat broth or low fat cream soup so many meals until it just makes you SICK! I am just nervous. Why haven't I lost any weight this week so far? Is this going to work for me? What if I'm like the only person in the world that can't loose weight with the band, when they are trying and doing everything right?

This is what I am thinking about eating tomorrow...

breakfast - egg beaters omelet w/ cheese probably 4-6 oz
snack - crackers with soft low fat cheese
lunch - 3 oz green beans, 3 oz mashed potatoes w/ gravy
snack - not sure
dinner - not sure, maybe the other 3 oz green beans and 3 oz of mashed potatoes w/ gravy

I know I need to throw in a protein shake somewhere in there. I am thinking about drinking them at night before I go to bed?

I would love some suggestions.....

What did you eat when you where able to move on to mushies?

Ya'll are the experts - what where ya'lls experiences?


Debbie said...

I have never had the band done, but it sounds like you are doing everything right. I think 18 lbs is wonderful. How long did it take you to lose 18 lbs. I have lost 15 lbs in 8 weeks on weight watchers. Congrats on your weight loss.

Mary said...

Debbie - It has been over the span of the 23 days I have been on a liquid diet!

Jennifer said...

How about some skim milk for protein? I'd be careful with the crackers - I still can't eat them. Trying to remember - um....oh, mashed potatoes, cream soups, thinned down yogurt. Mushies phase is hard! Best of luck - you are doing great! Don't get down on yourself in the next few days - I'm betting you'll gain weight - I'm pretty sure ALL of us did when we went back to solid(mushy) food. It's only temporary so keep on keeping on with the guidelines, it'll get better!

Linda said...

I ate refried beans w/cheese and sour cream (yum), mashed potatoes, pureed chili (tons of protein), greek yogurt. I could eat really pureed tuna salad, some people eat egg salad.

You're doing great, but like Jen said you probably will gain a few, but don't freak out.

Jen said...

I agree with Jen on the skim milk.. that's easy protein right there!!
Also, I had chili blended in the blender, a ricotta cheese, spaghetti sauce mixture; a refried beans, sour cream, taco sauce and cheese mix as well. Mashed potatoes were my faves as well. You'll get to the point that you'll get really creative with you mushies!! :)
Again, agree with Jen on the gaining weight part as well.. don't stress about it, but you most likely will gain a little weight but it'll all start coming off again soon!

Steph said...

My first mushy meal was fat free refried beans and guacamole with pureed salsa and a little dab of light sour cream. Protein, fiber, and good fat...not to mention YUMMY. I ate this nearly every day when I was on mushies. Mexican food is my favorite so this worked well for me. You're doing awesome! I know this is bizarre but I SWEAR it is true. I was eating less than 800 calories a day and barely losing. Per the nutritionist's recommendation, I bumped it up closer to 1300 calories and started losing like crazy. I think EVERYONE thinks they'll be the one this won't work for - I know I sure did, and I'm down 55 pounds in under 6 months. You will be fine.

TnT said...

I don't have much advice other than to tell you try not to get too discouraged (like I am) if it's slow going at first. You will probably gain weight once you start eating again. Just like everyone said, it happens to just about all of us. Happy mushies!! Refried beans with cheese was my first meal and they were heavenly!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that I am starting to meet people who are newly banded just like I am. Although you are ahead of me, I am still in the full liquid stage and it is very hard. I start mushies next week. So I have 7 days and I am super excited. So def the mash potatoes (garlic mashed potatoes) and mushy meatloaf is what I CANT WAIT TO HAVE! Broccoli is very good too! Just a few suggestions. I'd love for you to check out my blog too!

Michelle said...

I felt the same way when I was going from liquids to Mushies, just take your time eatting and you will be fine. I'm just starting to eat solids now and I'm still scared but remember to chew chew chew and everything should be good. And like everyone else you will probably gain weight once you start eatting more foods but remember to excercise and drink lots of water and you should be fine. :)

Jenny said...

Refried beans were really good! Just chew slowly and you should be fine.

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