Tuesday, February 23, 2010



Since this is my absolutely fabulous blog! I thought I would also share a little bit about my personal life. I have been selling Mary Kay since October 2009. Not very long, but I love it! I have really done great at Mary Kay. I have two recruits under me, and if I get one more I will be a red jacket!

I have so much fun working this business. God has really blessed me by putting this in my life. I have learned so much about myself and have really grown as a person in just the short time I have been selling!

If anyone is interested in checking out my Mary Kay website, here is the link!

It is so awesome because you can now shop online.

Oh, I forgot to tell ya'll. I am running a special and if anyone orders from online I will give you 10% off.

I have a Dr.'s appointment today with my primary to get things rolling on the 6 month diet ordeal! Ya'll pray she is experienced and knows what to write in my chart!

Ya'll have a great day!

Thanks for reading!



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