Monday, February 22, 2010


Well, what a beautiful weekend it was here in Alabama!

So, my husband and I came home from church last night to find our dog, Ellie Mae, laying beside a opossum in the yard! Oh my goodness! My husband went over to the opossum and kicked it because he thought it was dead. The opossum growled at him! He is so blessed the the stupid thing didn't attack him! He had to shoot the opossum! It was vicious! He had to shoot it 5 times! It was such a crazy night! I praise God that the thing didn't attack my dog or my husband! I have no idea why in the world my sweet Ellie Mae would be laying in the yard with a OPOSSUM!

Besides that crazy event we had a great weekend!



It was really informative and I really learned a lot! I made my first appointment with the surgeon for March 15th! They could have seen me today, but I have to pay a $250.00 consultation fee :( I was not expecting that, but it is just a small hurdle. I also found out that my insurance company makes me do a 6 month supervised diet. So, I will not be able to have my surgery as soon as I would like. That is ok though! I can wait. I am thinking if everything goes to plan, I might be able to have the surgery in late August or early September.

I learned a lot about different surgery options. They talked a lot about the gastric sleeve operation. The surgeons that I choose like this surgery the best. I am still 100% lap band. They also talked about how they like the realize band the most, but do either one. Does anyone have a realize band? Anyone know anything about them?

Have a great Monday!

Thanks for reading!



DawnB said...

Hi Mary - thanks for following my blog. DH & I were banded on 1/27. We both have the Realize band. Our surgeon said the only diff with this band is that it has anchors that attach to the wall of your stomach - the lap band had to be sewn in. Good luck with your process. We have a great community here!

Kristen said...

Boo for the 250$ fee! :( And yeah..six months really does seem to fly by.. even faster if you have other appointments to take care of before surgery. Good info Dawn! I didn't know the difference between the two either..

Mary said...

Thanks guys for your help! Dawn great info! When I go to my March 15th appointment I plan on asking why they perfer the realize band over the lap band! I'll make sure to take notes and post a blog about it for everyone! Kristen, I know that fee stinks! Hope ya'll have a great day!

Band Groupie said...

Yay for the first step! You'll learn a lot in those six months that will make you even more successful with the band. Main difference for me is that the Realize band has a single cushion/balloon along the inside and the LB has several wedge shaped ones. The success rate is very similar (I had a choice and chose the LB). I've seen posts that Doc's get money for pushing one over the other, but I'm not sure if that's true, but if they push one I'd ask if they have an incentive...mine left it up to me. -BG
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Kristen said...

Hey Mary!! Im so glad you found me! I love finding other people from Alabama on here :) Sounds like your well on your way to getting the band! My doctor is Dr. Schmitt...that whole practice is great though, both Miles and Schmitt! I have enjoyed St. Vincents East and they have been good to me. I have the realize band C which is the newest realize band. It hasnt given me any problems and dr. schmitt only uses the realize band. But email me if you have any questions:!

Have a good night!

Mary said...

Thanks so much for all the encouragement! I have an appointment with my primary today to start to whole 6 month diet thing! I pray she knows what to do!!!!!!! Kristen, I am so glad I found you! Great to know you used the same practice! Ya'll have a great day!!!

Dirttrackdiva said...

My mom and I both have the realize band. We were banded on 6/16/2009. The doctor only talked about the realize band instead of the lapband. We didn't have a choice, but I researched both and like the realize better. The fact that there is only one area for the saline to go instead of multiple is a good idea I think. The whole "more moving parts thing".
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