Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Have I mentioned I love my Doctor and ...

I had a visit with my Primary Doctor yesterday!

Phhhhhhhhh. I feel better. I think? :)

OK. So I didn't really want to admit this, but I was kinda nervous about seeing my primary yesterday. Why, you ask. I don't really know. I love my primary very much. I feel like I have an awesome relationship with her. I have used her for several years and she always puts up with all my extreme craziness!

I guess I have to tell ya'll this, but keep in mind I have never admitted it to ANYONE including my husband (who always reads my blog!)!

I am maybe a slight, I said SLIGHT, hypochondriac!

Now that I have said it, I am actually thinking about deleting it!

Maybe I am not, well I guess maybe I am....

OK. Maybe I have tendencies of a hypochondriac. When I put it like that it sounds better.

Let's just say I know my chart has a red dot on it!

Does anyone else know what that means? I semi work in the medical field (I do medical billing) so I know exactly what that means..... The patient is kookie and needs delicate care! That would definitely be me. The last time I went to the Doctor for the stomach virus my absolutely fabulous Dr. had her nurse call me the day after I came in, and well the conversation went like this...

Mary honey this is Brenda from Dr. Kajdos' office. Are you doing ok this morning? Dr. Kajdos wanted me to call and tell you that you are going to be fine. If you need anything we are here. All you have to do is call, ok honey. You are going to be ok.

So, needless to say my Doctor loves me! She always listens to all my crazy questions, and helps me so much! I always feel so much better after I go see her! I was so nervous to tell her that I was getting weight loss surgery though! I guess it is because she isn't one of those Dr.'s that over prescribe medicine unnecessarily and are quick to suggest surgery.

I went in, took a deep breathe, and said all in one breathe....

I am doing great, how are you, I came to tell you today... that I am having weight loss surgery, the Lap Band, and am so excited about it!!!!!

And, to my surprise she was extremely supportive and happy for me. She shared with me she had several patients that had the Lap Band and she thought it was a wonderful option for me! So all my worrying was for nothing, as usual!

She said she was familiar with the 6 month diet my insurance company recommended, although she thought it was completely absurd since I have been trying to loose weight all my life. She said since she knew I was scared to be put to sleep she would do some test and make sure everything was fine. She wants me to do the 3 hour sugar test. Blah :( She wants me to do the sleep study. Blah :( She wants me to do the thing where they have to run a light down my throat. Double Blah :( And finally she wants me to do some blood work, basically like a really really good physical blood work. Blah :(

So all in all, not that bad I guess.

The only thing I am really not "into" is the light down the throat. I know they have to put you to sleep for that, don't they??? I am sure they do. I wonder how painful it would be to do it with me awake? Anyway, that is just one more step/fear I am going to have to overcome (In Jesus Name) in this process!

In this is really a process! A process that is going to grow me as a person, help me get over some things, and better my life!


Thanks for reading this extremely long post ya'll!!!



Ashli said...

For the light down the throat thing they just give you a little shot that makes you super relaxed and you won't remember anything when you're done. You're still semi-awake but not really. lol, I know that doesn't make any sense. My husband had one and said it was no big deal. Good luck!

Band Groupie said...

Yeah, it's just a 'twilight' for the scope...DH and DS2 had this done.

All the tests she's ordering are exactly the things you need, so she sounds really informed. I was one of those people who hated going to the doctor...DH would have to badger me. I committed to going to whatever docs I needed to for an entire 'year of getting healthy' was a lot of time and a pain (but I'm 50, so I had a lot going on that I'd been neglecting for years). I'm glad I did it as I've gotten many things resolved/better. Just this morning, I put off calling the doc about something for hours, but I finally bit the bullet and called. You'll be having a ton of appointments and it can be a good thing to find out things about your health...hypochondriac or not, it will help ease your mind about how your health really is.

Bonnie said...

Hi, Mary - Looks like we are around the same stage of the pre-op process. I also think it is ridiculous that we have to go through this 6 month period of nutritional counseling. I mean, eat less and exercise more? Gee, never thought of that. Some people are lucky enough to only have to go for 3 months, which I think would be much better. At least my insurance covers the majority of my surgery, so I guess I can't complain too much. What is the light down the throat for? I didn't need to get that test. I had my sleep study scheduled for tonight, but we are supposed to get snow so I pushed it back to March 10. I am heading out now for my 2nd nutrition appt. I'm pretty close to the minimum BMI required for surgery, so I can't lose too much. Never thought I'd hear myself say that!

Mary said...

Hi Bonnie! Yay someone who is about the same place as I am. My insurance pays 100% except for $100 outpatient surgery copay! Praise God! I so do not like this 6 month thing, but since I am such a scaredy cat it might be good for me! I will have plenty of time to prepare that I AM HAVING THIS DONE! The light is because I have acid reflux so bad. My doctor said I needed to get it checked out just incase so I wouldn't have any problems after surgery that could have been corrected before. O guess just making sure everything is taken care of before surgery. Good job on not being able to loose that much weight before surgery! I wish I could say that....but my BMI is a 50 :) It is so nice of you to leave a comment! I read your blog!!!!! Keep me updated girl!

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