Friday, June 4, 2010


Motivation is something I desperately need.

These are some areas in my life I am slacking at....


Duh, do I even have to get into this one????? I have lost not 1 lb in the past SEVERAL months. I am basically unmotivated to do anything weight related. I just eat basically whatever I want
:( Pretty bad when you think about it! I have a gym membership that I pay like over $40 a month for and haven't used it in MONTHS......Guys that is just pure laziness!!!!! I contribute my lack of laziness to having to endure 7 months of HELL while waiting to be able to wait for my insurance company to approve me for this surgery I want to have....... :( That is my main excuse at this point...I don't have any weight motivation NOW because I am having to do all this WAITING and it is very DISCOURAGING.....sounds ok, right???? Let's just hope I will actually have SOME motivation when I actually do have this surgery :)


I basically have no motivation at work either. I really have a lot of things I need to get accomplished EVERY day, but I just can not get any energy to do anything, except shop at Old Navy online, snoop on Face Book, read all the juicy gossip on Perez Hilton - TMZ - and X17Online!!!! Get my drift!!!!!!!


I have been such a SLACKER!!! I still read / keep up with every ones blogs, just don't comment, or make any posts!!!!!!! Honest aren't I?????? I have got to be better!!!! I really do enjoy blogging it really makes me feel better about myself, and that I am not in this alone!!!!! I will try to do better this month! PROMISE :)


I have really not been doing what I need to in Mary Kay. I so needed to get on the ball and sell some products for my upcoming VACATION!!!! I have sold some things, which is how I bought those clothes, but not anywhere where I needed to be in sales. I am going to make some calls tonight and hopefully set up some facials for next weekend!!!!!! If anyone needs anything let me know!!!!! You can email me at :)

That's pretty much all I have for today :)

I really don't have that much planned for the weekend, so that will be a nice change. My weekends are normally jammed packed!!!!


SherRon, Shoes To Lose said...

Maybe the vacation is just what you need! Usually they are just what I need to get out of a funk.

Best of luck!

amandakiska said...

If you were good at dieting, you wouldn't need WLS so don't worry about not losing during this time. I also think that if you're not enjoying your gym work outs, it might be time to find something else. I like to walk and ride my bike, but I'm not much of a gym rat.

LDswims said...

WEIGHT - it will get better, I promise. Yes the waiting to wait part really does suck it all out of you. It's not laziness, I don't think, it's a sense of not knowing what's coming. It's a last meal syndrom so to speak - even if you aren't approaching meals with that mentality. It will get better, I promise.

WORK - I'm right there with ya!

BLOGGING - sometimes it's hard to keep up, too. Don't worry about the's education education education right now. I, for one, know you're out there...

MARY KAY - I do need/want something. I'll email you...

Amy Schmidt said...

Motivation was a killer for me during my 6 month wait for surgery. I know the wait has a purpose - but when you've been trying everything there is for years and have reconciled the need for surgery - you just kind of want to get the surgery and get on with it. I remember some of my nutritionist appointments she sounded like this: blaaahhhhh blaaaaaah blaaaaaah.

I hope time passes quickly for you - just keep focusing on your checklist!!

As for the Mary Kay...I've never worn it. I wish you were closer to me...I would so sign up for a party or a makeover or something!! :) Do you do picture consulations..I'll send you photos and you can make recomendations?

Jenny said...

A vacation may give you some perspective. I feel like you do right now too. Especially the work part!

Mary said...

Amy....too cute!!! Send me your pictures and I'll give you my recomendations!!!! Thanks girl! :) Smiles

Suzi said...

With the exception of the Mary Kay portion, I could have written that entire post myself! My goal is to comment on every blog I read today and I just started the weigh loss challenge so hopefully knowing somebody else is in the exact same boat helps! Love the blog background :)

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