Thursday, May 13, 2010

I need some clothes help......

Hi guys!

I have thought it was Friday all day today!

Man, I hate it when I do that!!!!

I need some plus size shorts and cute dresses to wear on my vacation.......

Any good websites besides Old Navy????

Thanks ya'll!


Nella said...

just ask baby! i am the official online shopper!

Neiman's has a great sale right now and sometimes you can score some deals!

Gap - goes up to 18/20
Nordies...good ol nordies

let me know if you need more...

Jer said...

I really like Fashion Bug- they go up to 30/32- I'm not sure what size you wear.

JC Penney also has some super cute stuff, they have a plus department.

Kim said...

Target has some pretty cute stuff right now.

Kelly said...

Target and WalMart are working for me. Walmart has the Just My Size tee shirts for under $10. They're actually really cute.

mick_jo said...

Hi Mary,

I have just been reading your blog and it looks like we will be banded at about the same time, my date is 17th August. it will be great that we can swap notes. I dont have a blog but we could always email.

Bye for now


Mary said...

Joanne......send me your email I would love to chat or find me on facebook Mary Catherine Sellers :)

Mary said...

I am going to Target and Walmart right now, oh and Nella checking yours out too! :) Thanks girls :)

mick_jo said...

Hi Mary,

my email address is

will be great to talk


SherRon, Shoes To Lose said...

Hi Mary- I'm new here but you mention shopping and I'm instantly interested!

Kohls has some cute things. always a good find there.

Torrid---and I'm pretty sure the clearance section is an extra 50% off right now.

Best of luck!

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