Monday, August 15, 2011

If you remember me :( I need your help!!!!!

I know it has been ages since I blogged but I NEED YA'LLS HELP!!

I'm pregnant :)

My pregnant Dr. does not want me to unfill my band at all. My band Dr. wants it unfilled all the way right now.

What are ya'lls experiance with this?

Any HELP???

Thank you!


Amanda Kiska said...

Congratulations! Several other bandsters are pregnant now or have just delivered. It seems like some unfill and some do not. My thought is that as long as you can take in sufficient nutrients it is probably not necessary to remove all the fluid. Keep us posted!

Gilly said...

Congratulations! I wasn't banded during my pregnancies, but as it happened, something about pregnancy made it the only time in my life I ever ate like a normal person. I just wasn't as hungry. I gained 12 lbs with the first (and baby was 10lbs 6oz) and 9 with the second (he was 8lbs 12 oz). Don't worry! You will be able to eat more than enough with your band filled to keep you and the baby healthy. Just keep drinking your milk! I hope all goes happily and smoothly for you!

Theresa said...

Congratulations! If your OBGYN thinks it's okay to keep your fill, then I'm sure it is. Good luck!

Maria said...

I was able to keep my fill almost till the end with my second pregnancy. With my first, I was unfilled right around 6 weeks because I suddenly became really tight. Each time, it had nothing to do with the pregnancy, it was just that with both I eventually got way too tight, so it was time to unfill.

Jen said...


I had my baby about a month ago and about 8 weeks, I had 1/2 the fluid taken out... She wanted me to have more taken out but we agreed that I would get more taken out if I got too stuck. Didn't need to do that tho... Def towards the end as he got bigger, my restriction could def be felt tho!

Congrats again! Email me if you have any questions at all! It's awesome!!!

Nikki said...


I had my baby boy 3 months ago...I kept all of my 4.5cc's in the whole time...they said they didn't want to take it out unless I got super tight...or if my blood work showed abnormalities..

feel free to email me anytime for any questions! :)

TnT said...


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