Friday, October 29, 2010's me Mary!

Hi guys! I decided to post my first video on my blog!!!! I recorded it last night! I talk about my weight loss and a new makeup product I tried yesterday!

Oh by the way, I don't think I talk with a lisp in real life! :) At least Ant tells me I don't! :)

Enjoy! Happy Friday! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


two faced.

So, this weekend I was at one of my favorite stores of all times. A store that I could just stay in for hours looking at everything in there! This store is called Sephora. My favorite! I have been dreaming about an eye shadow collection from one of my favorite make up companies called Two Faced. Like seriously I am OBSESSED with this brand. Like you have no idea. I am literally in love! So, anyway. Ant was with me. I know I have been talking about this eye shadow box for weeks that I wanted to him. I am so bad about really wanting something but when it comes down to buying I don't want to spend that much money on myself! I had walked over to check out the Urban Decay's eye liners when I saw him at the check out. He had bought it for me. The exact one I wanted without me even showing him the exact one I wanted. I am so in love with him! Let me just tell you that this eye shadow totally did NOT let me down. I love makeup and have tons and have tried tons of brands. This is the best. So pigmented, smooth, no creasing, stays on forever, perfect, perfect, perfect. I got the Natural eye set. The most perfect beautiful colors ever!!!!! I could just go on and on! Here is some pics! I was so excited!!!!

Sometimes it's the small things that make us the most excited!

Thank you Ant! I love you! :)

I have decided that from now on I will reward myself for my weight loss with things that make me feel good about makeup! I have a hard time with not rewarding myself with food, because that is how I was awarded growing up. So, I think THIS is the perfect thing!

Toodles Poodles

Monday, October 25, 2010

weekend blur...

It's that time again for Mary's weekend blur! I had the most fab weekend! Just a really nice refreshing weekend! My sister Meagan came home this weekend from college so we could celebrate her 23rd birthday! She hadn't been home since I missed her so much! It was really just an awesome weekend! I took tons of pictures as usual! Guess what? I saw a new low this am on the scale 276 lbs. That is 34 lbs. down if anyone else is keeping track :) I feel great! I had a day of first on Sunday that deserves it's own blog, so I will post that sometime this week! I am still on a high from my weekend of love! So, here is the round up!

Ant and I in L.O.V.E.

Ellie Mae.

Ant playing the guitar!

My sweet sister Mandy!

My sweet sister Meagan!

Praislyn, my neice, not wanting to play with Uncle Anty!

Ant and I :)

My Mommie, Mandy, Meagan, and baby Praislyn!


Sisters and Praise!

She gives her sissy kisses all day long!

Such a big girl now!

Meagan, me, and Prailsyn playing!

Friday, October 22, 2010

whip my hair...

I have been watching a lot of hair and makeup tutorials latley on youtube!

I just love learning new hair and makeup tricks, and learning what's hot for the season that we are in!

I found one for wavey hair using no heat so I tried it!

It didnt turn out exactley the way I wanted it to, but anyway here is the process with pics!

First start with fresh washed hair.

Blow dry your until it is just slightly damp.

Section up your hair.
Start braiding in one inch sections.

Everything is all braided! Go to sleep!

When you wake up undo the braids and run your fingers through it. Add a little wax and hair spray!


Have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

i am on a roll today.....

Second post of the day!

Don't fall out your seats! :)

Picture post of what my jeans look like today!

This is a close up of my face after I went and put makeup on! :) The rest of the pictures were taken before this one and are makeup free!

This is a front shot. I have penis pants syndrome, also known as PPS, although this picture does not do it justice at all! Oh, and Amy @ Babbles do you recognize THIS top? You sent it to me!!!! I love it! I think it fits perfect! ;)

This is a saggy pants in the butt picture ;) One thing I find so neat is all my pants have at least gotten an inch longer in every pair. That is a NSV! I should also mention these are suppose to be skinny leg jeans. They don't really look like that anymore!

Another picture ;)

Up close!
Ok, so maybe the pictures don't show it as much as I feel it????
Oh, and thank you Jen! She said she was sending me some new jeans! I'm excited!
Oh, and so is Nella!
I am so blessed by blogging buddies!

hippopotamuses, jersey shore, and what i really need....


How is everyone doing today! It's Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday!

Thanks God!!! :)

I have 3 things to discuss today.....


I just really feel like a big fat hippopotamus today. Just a hippopotamus......I really like saying that word ;) Just like a super fatty funk. Now that I think about it I have been in this fatty funk for about a week now. My weight is not moving at all...up or down :( Stuck at 33 lbs. down. I know what I need to do to get moving in the right direction, the problem is I just need to do it. I need to cut out all these little bits here and there of junk, and just stick to protein and veggies. I also need a fill despreatly. My first fill that I received on October 4th of 4cc's has been long gone. It lasted, oh let's say maybe 3 whole days. :( whomp, whomp :( Another factor in the I fill like a hippopotamus is my clothing situation. Right now I have 2 pair of jeans. One pair is a pair of 24s from Old Navy, stretch, skinny leg, almost jeggings. They are really in all honhesty way too big. I believe when you can take pants on and off with out unbuttoning them and unzipping them they are TOO big!!!! These pants basically fall off me everytime I get up or squat down. I'm not just talking about sagging....they are way beyond that. The second pair of jeans I own are a pair of 22s from Old Navy. No stretch at all, boot cut. They fit, are actually baggy in the butt after I wear them for 2 mins, but also make me have a muffin top.........:( I can't win for loosing....literally! :) SO today is offically Mary feels like a hippopotamus day :(

Jersey Shore.....

I am addicted to reality tv. Does anyone else watch this show? I have never missed an episode. Last week when I was watching it, it really just disgustated me. Are these girls really that dumb? Mike "The Situation" is so gross. He brings these girls back to house to "smoosh" like every night.....eeeewwwww! So one girl tells him she doesn't drink or hook up. Basically she tells him she is a decent human being. He goes bazerk on her and tells her 4am is smooshing time and she needs to leave now. They like don't even try to romance these ladies ot anything, they have the worst game I have ever seen in my life. They could atleast be nice!!!!!! Craziness!!!!! It makes me just want to send out an alert********ATTENTION**********If you ever come in contact with "The Situation" say NO!!!!! He is gross!

What I really need or maybe I should say want........

Amy W. sometimes post on facebook things that she wants! I always enjoy reading them and can always think of tons of things I want also. So here is my jeans size 22, at least 2 new pairs of ballet flats, a new pair of Ugg boots, 2 new pair of leggings (brown & grey), a curling iron that has no clamp so I can make my hair look like Taylor Swift's, new eyeliner gel, new eyeliner gel brush, new lipstick colors, new hair cut (I really need a new hair cut).......

Ok, that's all for now!

Thanks for reading my rambiling post!

Monday, October 18, 2010

weekend blur....

Hi ya'll!!!

This weekend I had so much fun! It was supper busy and I think I managed to eat pretty well the whole weekend! Total shocker I know :)

Here is a recap, oh with some pics!
On Friday afternoon I left work early and was so excited because Anthony also got off work early too! This N.E.V.E.R. happens. We got to spend some much needed time together! We went and ate lunch together at jim n Nicks. Food wise did pretty good. I got a potato stuffed with bar-b-que. I ate maybe a 1/2 of it. Oh, I also ate 1/2 of 1 small cheese biscuit. Drank unsweat tea :) I had been thinking about buying some fruit trees to plant in our yard so we went to Home Depot and I got 2 apple trees and 2 peach trees! So excited about that! We then went to Walmart and shopped a little! We came home and watched the best movie! Just Wright! Has anyone else seen it? It was so good I watched it 2x in the same night!
On Saturday we had to up super early to go help set up a booth for our church at a festival downtown. We had to be there at 8:00 am! We were late of course! We ended up getting there at like 8:30 am. Left about 10:00 am to hurry up and get ready to go meet Kim from Good Bye Fatty McButter Pants! We went to the Alabama football game with her and her Dad! We had such a great time! Seriously Kim, I know I have told you this a hundred times, but THANK YOU! I have some pictures of our day! In these pictures I have lost 33 lbs. and my husband Ant has lost over 20 lbs!! Oh, and I colored my hair black! Let me know what ya'll think!!!! We ended up not getting home till after 2:00 it was a super long day, but totally worth it! Food wise I did ok this day. I didn't have time to eat breakfast (bad I know)! I did a pack of crackers for a breakfast/lunch snack. We had bar-b-que for lunch. I did just the meat and a couple bites of baked beans. For dinner I did 1/2 peice of baked chicken and a couple bites of macaroni and cheese and I think 2 bites of coleslaw. No bread or dessert :) At the game I ate a couple fried pickles......hey it was a football game!!!!! :)

On Sunday it was back to our typical Sunday grind! At church by 9:00 am!!! Even though this Sunday we were a couple of mins late! We had a great church service! One person got saved and several came to the alter!!! Ant preached so good!! I really enjoyed it! I don't know if I have told ya'll on my blog...but I am in charge of the children's programs at our church! One of my jobs is to go pick up some children that leave in a trailer park back behind our church. I went Sunday as usual to pick up the 4 children that always come, and a new family had moved in! I picked up 4 additional children! It was great and I think they all had a great time!!!! For lunch I did some chicken. For dinner everyone was eating subway so I took off the majority of the bread and just ate the meat! :)

Ok, I am going to leave you with some updated pics!

Getting ready for the hair!!!

Kim and I!!!!!

Roll Tide!

Ant playing on the indoor practice feild!

So much FUN!!!

Me and my sweet husband!

Kim and I!!!!!!

Ant getting ready for the game!
Hope you all have a happy Monday!!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

pain in the.......ear?

So yesterday when I was writing my post a mentioned in it a little something about my ear hurting. I thought today I would talk about that some more!

I have been having ear pain. Only in one ear mainly. My left ear.

I need to go back and tell you a little bit about my ear troubles before weight loss surgery.

I have had ear pain different times in my life. I have TMJ, self diagnosed but I know I have it! When I get stressed out, or my TMJ starts hurting really bad I get ear pain. Normally in my left ear only. I usually only have like maybe 4 or 5 spells of this a year. It always seems to hit when I am like stressed out to the max in my life, or when I am super worried and stressed over something that is going on in my life.

Before surgery I had severe acid reflux. Really really bad. The way I got diagnosed with acid reflux was kinda weird. I went to the Dr. because my throat felt really strained, my jaw hurt, and I was having left ear pain. She took one look in my throat and said you have acid reflux. I have been on medicine every since. When I am irresponsible with taking my medicine it will flare back up. Usually the same symptoms...ear pain, jaw tightness, and strained throat. When I start taking my medicine again it goes away.

So, guess what? I have been having ear pain again! In my left ear. When I went in to get my fill I told my my "nurse important lady" that I was having ear pain and thought it was from acid reflux. Probably shouldn't have said anything because then she went on this whole rant about how I shouldn't be having any acid reflux with the band and if I was that typically means my band is to tight. :( Not good, since I didn't have any cc's in the band. She went ahead and gave me a fill but told me to watch it.

I have been trying to pay real close attention to my ear vibes since the fill :) All seems to be fine except this one thing. It seems that when I over eat it makes my EAR hurt????? I am being serious! Has anyone ever had this problem? The "nurse important lady" told me that I may have a nerve or something that is real sensitive in my ear! I think that is so funny!

Gotta get busy at work!

Does anyone else have a sensitive ear? :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

planet mary overload!

Are ya'll ready for this?

I haven't blogged in what may seem like an eternity ;)

life. It just takes up so much time these days!

I am going to do this in bullets and just type till I have nothing left in this little mind!


weight loose.

I am down 33 lbs. Well technically 32 lbs this am, but I did see an all time low of 33 lbs Sunday morning. Why does the scale do this to us? It really is cruel! Of course I immediately get on the phone call my momma, my sister, my grad parents, wake my husband up shouting the news that I now officially weigh less than him, run to church and just about greet everyone at the door with my new weight loss wake up the next day and the scale say, just joking you really have only lost 31 lbs. Since then I have at least managed to get the scale to read 32 lbs down. It only takes a minor adjustment of tilting the scale diagonally to the wall and weighing on it while standing sideways ;) Don't ask! I figure it this way, when I weighed 310 lbs no matter how I stood on the scale it would have never flashed 277 lbs. So, even if I have to stand on it sideways, I'll still claim it ;)

first fill.

hmmmmmm......what comes to mind when I think about my first fill that I just got on the 4th? Oh, I know!!!! Wow, that really hurt! I think I was so worried about the surgery part of this process that I didn't even listen, or maybe no one told me, how bad this little fill would hurt. I was not expecting it at all!!!! I was really in shock! Here is how it went, just in case there is anybody out there just doing research or waiting to be approved! They made me lay on a table and pull my dress up. They came in with a little sonar machine and found my port. It was taking a little long, at least in my mind it was, so I said, "It is in there, right?" The nurse kind of laughed and said, "Yes, it is. It is right here." She marked it with a pen. She left. I was thinking ok cool. Not too bad so far. Then came in another lady. The lady who assisted in my surgery. Not sure what her title is but, I know she is important. She came in and asked me some questions. Nothing major.....can you eat chicken, can you eat fish, can you eat this and that, how much can you eat, how often do you stay full? All of those kinds of questions. Next thing I know she says she is ready to give me the fill, lie back down. And then BAM. No warning, no numbing, BAM. She like literally jabbed me with the biggest needle I have ever seen in my life. She had no mercy. She hit the port first try. I just want to go on record saying this, "fills hurt." Don't let anyone lie to you and tell you they don't! They are manageable, but it is pain! She then tells me to sit up. I say, "like right now, with the needle in me?" Yes, ladies that is exactly what she meant. So I sit up. She says I need to drink water. I should also point out at this point I still have my eyes closed and have not opened them yet!!! While trying to get the water from her, with my eyes closed, I spilt the water on me and her :) I finally drink and everything feels fine! I eventually opened my eyes ;) I layed back down and she took the massive needle out of my stomach! sigh. I ended up with 4cc's. Not too shabby for a first fill. They normally give 5 cc's, but since I had lost a good amount of weight and was having ear trouble (a different post for a different day) 4 cc's was all I got.


Clothes these days are a funny subject. Nothing seems to fit right. My 24's are officially baggy, but not out of control too big yet. I have 1 pair of 22 jeans. They fit now :) But, I also feel like maybe they are a pinch too tight. It might just be me? Maybe I am used to my clothes being a bit to big now? I am also having a hard time in telling what size I really am in. All my clothes are really old. Like the 22 jeans I have, they are at least I know 4 years old. So clothes = craziness.

progress pics.

I have got to get some updated pics on here! Ya'll haven't seen me since surgery, that was 30 lbs ago! Promise to make that happen soon!

Kim @ Good Bye Fatty McButter Pants

She is so sweet! Are all of ya'll following her too? Her birthday was yesterday! Happy late birthday Kim! I got to catch up with her the day I got my fill. She came and picked me up at the hospital and we went to lunch and did a little shopping! Awesome time. We are meeting up again this weekend! Maybe I can get some pics that day! We are going to the Alabama Football game this weekend together. It will be a great day for some photos because I have some pics of me last year at an Alabama Football game! Yay!

O.K. I think that about covers all the basics! Really my mind is just like blah and I can't think anymore!


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