Monday, August 15, 2011

If you remember me :( I need your help!!!!!

I know it has been ages since I blogged but I NEED YA'LLS HELP!!

I'm pregnant :)

My pregnant Dr. does not want me to unfill my band at all. My band Dr. wants it unfilled all the way right now.

What are ya'lls experiance with this?

Any HELP???

Thank you!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow days are the best ...

50 pounds down......

This was me. 50 pounds ago. This isn't even the "worst" before picture I have, this was just one I had on my work computer. I have worse. I remember the day I took this picture. I didn't think I looked that bad!!!???!!!! Not my best picture, but def not horrible. 5 months later and 50 pounds less, I have to be honest it is almost hard to look at. I don't recognize that person. I can't find my bubbly energy in my face, I can't see the happiness. It makes me wonder, even though I professed it over and over again before I got banded, was I even really happy here?

This is me today. I see "life" in this picture. Maybe it is just me because I know what a huge difference this 50 pounds has made in my life, spiritually and physically. I see myself here. I see Mary.

I don't see a perfect body, or even one that is half way there, but I see accomplishment.

Wow. I can really tell the difference! I hope ya'll can too!

On to other news, I need a fill desperately!!!!! I am eating......lots. Nothing out of control, but if I don't get it under control it could be a problem! I have a fill scheduled for this week I think! I have to double check! I have some more pics I would love to share of me in my undies! You can really tell a huge difference in those!!!! I am just kinda worried about it, because I think some real life "stalkers" have found my blog! Part of me wants to just say whatever, it is my body, i have worked hard, and own up to it! Kinda sounds empowering doesn't it!!!???!!!

What are ya'll's opinions?

I forgot to mention.....size 20 cords fron Old Navy, size XL top from Old Navy, boots from Lane Bryant! :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

do you remember me? ....... 52 lbs down!!!!!!!


Wow I have taken a break! A big break! I have missed you all! I have been reading blogs and commented on a few, just not blogging for myself! I need to get back! So much has happened I don't even know where to begin!

Basically everything has changed!

I have now officially lost 52 lbs!!!!! 52 lbs!!!!!!!! I really can not even believe it!

Those jeans that hung in the back of my closet that I only dreamed of wearing that were a size 20, yeah I wear those like every day now! I am officially out of my 22 jeans!

Everything in my closet that NEVER fit me before, fits perfect now.

My Northface jacket my Mom got me for Christmas like 5 years ago that I was like never able to zip, yep you guesed right, got it on today - tight but zipped!

I am able to wear my pretty things that I got when I got MARRIED! Yep, they all fit agian!

I am so blessed!

Just incase I have gone so long you all have really forgotten about me here are my stats!

banded August 12, 2010

total of 5.75 cc's in the band

I am planning on posting pics and all that good stuff next week!

Leave me a comment if you misssed always motivates me to blog more and stay on target!

Did I mention I have lost over 50 pounds??!!!????!!!!????!!!????!!!???


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

20's, camels, and muffins ;)

I finally got those size 20 jeans buttoned! They are on! Tighter than ever, no room to breath! I wore them the other day, because even though they are way too tight to be worn in public....I am so sick of my size 22 jeans. They sag, and are about 4 inches too long, they are just dreadful!!!!!!!!!!!! So here is the pictures!
They look great minus the muffin top and huge camel toe ;)
Thankful the big hoodie I paired them with kinda covered most of that up :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

welcome into my fall :)

A new outfit I bought! I weigh about 270 lbs here......40 lbs down!

Baby Praislyn my neice at Build A Bear in Nashville, TN!

Ant and I after our Thanksgiving feast at our house!

Playing in the leafs ;)

Great least I think so!

Love this pic!

Sisters and baby!

My neice and nephew!

Meagan, Mary, and Praislyn!

Full body shop! About 268 lbs here!

I love playing with Praislyn!


Me in Montgomery, Al for a work conference!

Monday, November 29, 2010

where in the world has mary been?

I'm back!

Wow what a break!!!

I do not even know where to begin! So much has gone on and changed in the past two weeks!

I am offically back from my Thanksgiving break and a trip I had to go on for work!

This is going to be short and sweet today!

I've missed ya'll!

I've lost more weight 44 lbs. to be exact! I weigh 266 lbs. WOW. Even when I type that it doesn't seem real. I haven't weighed this in almost 5 years :)

My 22's are really baggy this morning! My 20's won't button yet! Don't you just hate that!!!!!

I over ate on Thanksgiving! Who didn't? :)

I am in recovery now!!!!!!! :)

I love ya'll!

I have videos to upload this week!

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