Friday, February 26, 2010

All of me

OK guys! Since I have so many new followers, and none of ya'll really know me, I thought I would do a post about a few of my favorite things! Hope you enjoy it!

I am Mary! I am 27 years old, but if you asked me I would probably say 23. If you know me know me you would call me Cat! If you are my family and know me really well, you might call me Kitty :)

I have the MOST AMAZING husband. His name is Anthony, but I call him Ant! He is my best friend and knows me better than anyone in the world. We have been married 3 1/2 years and dated 2 1/2 years before we married. We are soul mates, are lives are intertwined together,I wouldn't have it any other way. Oh, and did I mention he is smokin hot! ;)

We do not have any children, but I have two fur babies. I am obsessed with big dogs, mainly Boxers. When we first got married we bought a Boxer puppy, who turned out to be the love of my life. We named her Ellie Mae. This past Christmas Ant surprised me with another baby Boxer. He soon won my heart also and we named him Samson. They are the biggest messes I have ever seen in my life, but I love them big!

I have the best family in the world! We are loud, love each other, and into everyones business! We know no boundaries, and I absolutely love it that way! I have two sisters that are my best friends. I am the oldest,I have a middle sister named Mandy, and a baby sister named Meagan! They are beautiful inside and out! They except for who I am and support me in every way! You will never have a better friend than your little sisters! We fight all the time, but love harder. I can ALWAYS count on them.

I have the best Mom in the world. My parents divorced when I was about 15. My mom has always been right by my side and supports every decision I have ever made! I love her more than words can say! She has raised us 3 girls by herself and did an outstanding job. I respect her so much. We are 2 peas in a pod. Oh, and we go on fun crazy adventures all the time, you never know what we are going to run into :)

I love God with my whole heart! My husband is a Pastor of a non denominational church. My church family is my family. I Praise God for everything He has done in my life and what He has plans to do!

My husband and I were Youth Pastors before he became the Pastor. Youth is my heart. If you ever win the trust of a youth you have a loyal friend for life.

I have a niece named PRAISLYN. She is my sister Mandy's child. I love her, she lights up my life with joy! Our whole lives revolve around this 1 precious baby girl. She is turning 1 in March!

I am a huge girly girl! I love sunglasses and bows!

I am a huge Twilight fan! I have read the books several times...wait in line at Walmart for the release of the dvd...super fan. Yes I am one of those crazy girls you can't stand. You know the ones that when you are at the movies watching New Moon and Edward appears on screen, they gasp and SCREAM! Yea, that's me!

I am from the deep south! The bible belt, and Roll Tide country!

I hope ya'll enjoyed this post :) I hope ya'll learned a little bit about me and my absolutely wonderful life! This is only a small part, but it will get you started!

Thanks for reading ya'll!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Have I mentioned I love my Doctor and ...

I had a visit with my Primary Doctor yesterday!

Phhhhhhhhh. I feel better. I think? :)

OK. So I didn't really want to admit this, but I was kinda nervous about seeing my primary yesterday. Why, you ask. I don't really know. I love my primary very much. I feel like I have an awesome relationship with her. I have used her for several years and she always puts up with all my extreme craziness!

I guess I have to tell ya'll this, but keep in mind I have never admitted it to ANYONE including my husband (who always reads my blog!)!

I am maybe a slight, I said SLIGHT, hypochondriac!

Now that I have said it, I am actually thinking about deleting it!

Maybe I am not, well I guess maybe I am....

OK. Maybe I have tendencies of a hypochondriac. When I put it like that it sounds better.

Let's just say I know my chart has a red dot on it!

Does anyone else know what that means? I semi work in the medical field (I do medical billing) so I know exactly what that means..... The patient is kookie and needs delicate care! That would definitely be me. The last time I went to the Doctor for the stomach virus my absolutely fabulous Dr. had her nurse call me the day after I came in, and well the conversation went like this...

Mary honey this is Brenda from Dr. Kajdos' office. Are you doing ok this morning? Dr. Kajdos wanted me to call and tell you that you are going to be fine. If you need anything we are here. All you have to do is call, ok honey. You are going to be ok.

So, needless to say my Doctor loves me! She always listens to all my crazy questions, and helps me so much! I always feel so much better after I go see her! I was so nervous to tell her that I was getting weight loss surgery though! I guess it is because she isn't one of those Dr.'s that over prescribe medicine unnecessarily and are quick to suggest surgery.

I went in, took a deep breathe, and said all in one breathe....

I am doing great, how are you, I came to tell you today... that I am having weight loss surgery, the Lap Band, and am so excited about it!!!!!

And, to my surprise she was extremely supportive and happy for me. She shared with me she had several patients that had the Lap Band and she thought it was a wonderful option for me! So all my worrying was for nothing, as usual!

She said she was familiar with the 6 month diet my insurance company recommended, although she thought it was completely absurd since I have been trying to loose weight all my life. She said since she knew I was scared to be put to sleep she would do some test and make sure everything was fine. She wants me to do the 3 hour sugar test. Blah :( She wants me to do the sleep study. Blah :( She wants me to do the thing where they have to run a light down my throat. Double Blah :( And finally she wants me to do some blood work, basically like a really really good physical blood work. Blah :(

So all in all, not that bad I guess.

The only thing I am really not "into" is the light down the throat. I know they have to put you to sleep for that, don't they??? I am sure they do. I wonder how painful it would be to do it with me awake? Anyway, that is just one more step/fear I am going to have to overcome (In Jesus Name) in this process!

In this is really a process! A process that is going to grow me as a person, help me get over some things, and better my life!


Thanks for reading this extremely long post ya'll!!!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010



Since this is my absolutely fabulous blog! I thought I would also share a little bit about my personal life. I have been selling Mary Kay since October 2009. Not very long, but I love it! I have really done great at Mary Kay. I have two recruits under me, and if I get one more I will be a red jacket!

I have so much fun working this business. God has really blessed me by putting this in my life. I have learned so much about myself and have really grown as a person in just the short time I have been selling!

If anyone is interested in checking out my Mary Kay website, here is the link!

It is so awesome because you can now shop online.

Oh, I forgot to tell ya'll. I am running a special and if anyone orders from online I will give you 10% off.

I have a Dr.'s appointment today with my primary to get things rolling on the 6 month diet ordeal! Ya'll pray she is experienced and knows what to write in my chart!

Ya'll have a great day!

Thanks for reading!


Monday, February 22, 2010


Well, what a beautiful weekend it was here in Alabama!

So, my husband and I came home from church last night to find our dog, Ellie Mae, laying beside a opossum in the yard! Oh my goodness! My husband went over to the opossum and kicked it because he thought it was dead. The opossum growled at him! He is so blessed the the stupid thing didn't attack him! He had to shoot the opossum! It was vicious! He had to shoot it 5 times! It was such a crazy night! I praise God that the thing didn't attack my dog or my husband! I have no idea why in the world my sweet Ellie Mae would be laying in the yard with a OPOSSUM!

Besides that crazy event we had a great weekend!



It was really informative and I really learned a lot! I made my first appointment with the surgeon for March 15th! They could have seen me today, but I have to pay a $250.00 consultation fee :( I was not expecting that, but it is just a small hurdle. I also found out that my insurance company makes me do a 6 month supervised diet. So, I will not be able to have my surgery as soon as I would like. That is ok though! I can wait. I am thinking if everything goes to plan, I might be able to have the surgery in late August or early September.

I learned a lot about different surgery options. They talked a lot about the gastric sleeve operation. The surgeons that I choose like this surgery the best. I am still 100% lap band. They also talked about how they like the realize band the most, but do either one. Does anyone have a realize band? Anyone know anything about them?

Have a great Monday!

Thanks for reading!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Tomorrow is the day I go to seminar :)

Well, tomorrow is the day I go to my first seminar! I am really excited and ready to get this going! I am praying that this whole process does not take that long, but if it does I am prepared to wait. I live in Alabama! The Dr.'s I have chosen are with Alabama weight loss surgery. There are 2 Dr.'s in the practice and I have chosen Dr. Miles!

I am really excited!

Thanks for reading!


Daily Plate

Oh my!

So, yesterday I decided I would track how many calories I was eating in a day. I have read on many people's blogs that they use So, I thought I would give it a try! Wow, I did not realize how many calories I was eating. I never thought it would be that many. In all honesty I really didn't even think I ate that much!

How many calories did I eat yesterday, you ask?


I know, that is horrible!

I can at least tell you that today I am being very conscious of how many calories I am eating!

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Here comes some pictures!

Ok. So here are some pictures.

The first two are from our honeymoon.

The next one is from our one year anniversary trip - cruise.

The last one is from our beach trip in 2008.

I did not even take any pictures on our beach trip from 2009.

I wish I had, I guess I knew I wouldn't want to see them!

Anyway. I look back at those pictures from our honeymoon, and I think wow I really messed up. Look how much weight I have gained since then. Then I have to remind were on diet pills remember. Oh yeah I was on diet pills. Obviously those didn't work out :(

I have had a problem with diet pills MY WHOLE LIFE. Well atleast it seems like that to me!

I started taking diet pills when I was in the 6th grade! I wanted to be a majorette in high school and was told there was a weight limit. I lost 80 lbs. to be able to try out for majorette. I made it! The only problem was...I did it by taking diet pills. I struggled on and off with diet pills from 6th grade all the way to that first picture. The day I married was the last time I took a diet pill.

I am now the heavist I have ever been.

My weight has been a yo-yo my entire tennage/adult life.

I am ready to make a change.

I have tried every diet there is known to man.

I have seen doctor after doctor.

I am ready to banded!

I know it is the right decision!

Thanks for reading!


Hi guys! Well so here I go! I have decided to get banded! I have been thinking about it for several years and have just recently decided I am ready! I am super nervous! I go to my first seminar this Saturday at 8:30 am! I am hoping to keep this blog to keep motivated! I read alot of lapbander blogs and am so excited to have one of my own! I will post some pics tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

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